Sentinel – dream interpretation

Originally, the task of a sentinel was to guard the weapons and shields of soldiers or warriors. In a broader sense it means an armed guard post in the garrison or camp.

The sentinel was a representative of state power and was also allowed to use its rifle. The duties of a sentinel were very strict.

Sentinel - dream interpretation

She had to keep the weapon in her hand at all times while on duty and was only allowed to leave her post when specifically ordered. Apart from official statements, speaking was forbidden, as was eating or drinking. This still applies today to the guards at Buckingham Palace in London, who are a tourist attraction with their famous fur hats.

If a sentinel appears in a dream, the dreamer probably sees them in a uniform from bygone times.

Perhaps she is standing motionless in front of a signal box and does not react to the dreamer’s words. The attributes that belong to this dream symbol are also important for dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “sentinel” – the general interpretation

According to dream interpretation, the dream symbol “sentinel” gives off a calming signal. The Order remains true as long as the dreamer is careful and attentive and does not allow himself to be deterred. The dreamer will be able to overcome obstacles and solve problems.

However, the dream image can also draw attention to the fact that mistrust of a particular person is justified. If you see yourself as a sentinel in a dream, this can be an indication in dream interpretation boredom and standstill be in everyday life.

The replacement of a guard post in a dream heralds an imminent change in fate.

Dream symbol “sentinel” – the psychological interpretation

For the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “sentinel” represents one Defensive line between the psyche and the external world of the dreamer. He wants to protect himself from mental injuries by feigning indifference and apathy. By retreating into the role of the sentinel who silently fulfills his duty, the dreamer withdraws from all communication.

According to dream interpretation, there can be something fundamental in the dream symbol mistrust of the dreamer to express his surroundings.

In dream interpretation, the shields that were originally to be guarded represent protection on the one hand, and identification on the other. As a dream symbol, the sentinel refers to a protective and organizing power. In real life, the dreamer may have the feeling that he has to maintain cohesion and protect the people around him.

With the dream, the subconscious draws attention to possible excessive demands. The rifle that is part of a sentry’s equipment plays an important role in dream interpretation as a phallic symbol, but also as a sign of power.

In this context, the dream symbol “sentinel” can be a difficult one to control aggressiveness to express. The dreamer unconsciously realizes that he must maintain control over aggressive needs and urges.

Dream symbol “sentinel” – the spiritual interpretation

On the transcendental level, the dream symbol “sentinel” is a symbol of Schutz mentally, emotionally and physically. The sentry marks a certain point within the mental development of the dreamer.

According to the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the dream image warns you to be aware of yourself fate to accept.

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