seems dead – dream interpretation

In the past, people did not have the medical options that we have today. Doctors were faced with various challenges, including determining death. There were different approaches used to determine whether a person merely appeared dead or whether they were actually no longer alive.

seems dead - dream interpretation

This included the mirror test, in which you held a mirror in front of your mouth and nose to see whether it fogged up due to breathing. Sometimes feathers or candles were used, or doctors placed a vessel filled with water on the patient’s chest. If the water then moved, the patient lived.

Fortunately, today there are more reliable methods for determining a person’s death. However, the former so-called apparent death can still find its way into our dreams as a symbol. But what can it mean if we dream today that we appear to be dead?

Dream symbol “seems dead” – the general interpretation

According to general opinion, anyone who intentionally pretends to be dead in the dream situation is trying to do something specific Problem to escape. The person affected is in a phase of standstill in life. He cannot develop further. The symbol of apparent death calls on him to change something and not to continue to shy away from challenges. The difficulties will not disappear on their own, but require active confrontation. This is particularly true in the interpersonal area.

Sometimes the symbol “apparently dead” in the dream can also refer to personal things Experiences or relate to insights that the person concerned suppresses. This creates an internal conflict that needs to be recognized and resolved. In this case, too, the dream calls for you to change your own attitude towards it.

A dream in which one appears to be dead and is ultimately buried alive represents a real feeling constriction The person affected is trapped in an issue in everyday life, sees no way out, and can no longer develop freely.

Another person who appears to be dead in the dream and is perhaps already lying in a morgue also warns against ending conflicts too quickly. Just because the other person no longer says anything about the argument, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have already forgotten it and everything is fine again. It can be helpful to have another clarifying conversation.

Dream symbol “seems dead” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the apparent death refers to a lack Sense of responsibility. The person concerned may try to get out of the affair. He doesn’t take responsibility for his past behavior.

Through the symbol “apparently dead,” his subconscious asks him to bear the consequences and take responsibility.

Seeing another apparently dead person, for example a motionless old man, also provides a warning hasty conclusions. According to psychoanalysts, dreamers tend to see things more negatively than they actually are.

Dream symbol “seems dead” – the spiritual interpretation

According to this interpretation, the symbol “apparently dead” represents the longing of the person concerned new spiritual areas to pass over.

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