Seed – dream interpretation

Sowing is the process of sowing seeds into a seedbed. While this used to be difficult manual work in the fields, today it is usually done by machines in a fraction of the time. Today, most private individuals only plant a flower bed on the balcony or a small vegetable patch in the garden.

Sowing a seed is always accompanied by positive expectations. After all, you want the seed to sprout and grow into a new plant. But does this wish also play a role in dreams? So what is hidden behind the dream symbol “seed”?

Dream symbol “seed” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream symbol “seed” symbolizes this Lohn for the efforts of the dreamer in waking life. Ordering seeds in a dream shows the dreamer that he or she still has to wait a while for a wish to be fulfilled. But the patience will pay off and he will be happy with the result.

A sprouting seed in a dream symbolizes one New beginning. However, the dreamer should be careful with this so as not to destroy the newly gained contacts. In addition, the sight of a sprouting seed as a dream symbol reminds you to be careful with a new project. Because otherwise this will fail. If the dreamer walks carelessly over a fresh seed in his dream, this shows, according to the general dream interpretation, his carelessness in the waking world. Because of this carelessness, he has already missed out on several opportunities. The dreamer should therefore go through his life more carefully in the future.

If the dreamer bends over a field of seeds in the dream, he will intentionally leave a favorable opportunity unused in his waking life. This will destroy his own expectations. A fresh and green seed field as a dream symbol is interpreted very positively and brings a soon Profit with yourself. A field full of weeds in a dream represents an uncertain future for the dreamer.

Dream symbol “seed” – the psychological interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “seed” usually refers to mental and mental processes. It is seen as a sign of growth and maturity as well as fertility. The dreamer will soon develop mentally and emotionally in waking life.

If the dreamer plants the seeds in his dream, he should realize that a lot goes into the success of his projects and plans in waking life hard work necessary is. But he shouldn’t be afraid of it, but rather embrace it with joy. Success is then certain for him.

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “seed” takes on a sexual meaning when the dreamer sees himself putting the seeds into a furrow.

Dream symbol “seed” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation sees the dream symbol “seed” as a sign for the creativity of the dreamer. If the dreamer sows the seeds in his dream, he is also shown that he is creating the right conditions for spiritual growth in the waking world.

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