Seahorse – dream interpretation

Seahorses belong to the type of fish. Nevertheless, they visually distinguish themselves from most other fish. They have an upright, worm-like body structure, the shape of the head is reminiscent of that of a horse. Their habitat is in rather warmer seas.

Seahorse - dream interpretation

It is interesting that in seahorses it is not the females who carry the offspring, but rather the males who become pregnant and carry the brood in a belly pouch, like a kangaroo. This is what distinguishes the seahorse from most other animal species.

If the seahorse appears as a symbol in our dreams, this always has a high symbolic significance. The dream image “seahorse” can reveal a lot about us, our personality and our lives. How exactly do you interpret it?

Dream symbol “seahorse” – the general interpretation

The dream image of the seahorse is generally considered a positive symbol in general dream analysis. It says Luck and satisfaction ahead. Also with regard to the Health The seahorse in the dream is auspicious: the dreamer and the people in his closest environment will be spared from illnesses in the near future.

In addition to this possible meaning of the dream symbol “seahorse”, the dreamed image can sometimes also different perspectives and show perspectives. It is supposed to ask the dreamer to question his opinion.

According to general dream analysis, it is important to consider where one may have judged too hastily. At what point should you reconsider your point of view and take a different perspective?

According to general dream analysis, dreams in which you catch a seahorse are not interpreted very positively. The dream image then refers to sneaky and fraudulent behavior. The dreamer does not always act fairly towards his fellow human beings. This could lead to greater difficulties in the near future.

Dream symbol “seahorse” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the seahorse is an image for oneself mental energy. It shows subconscious content and emotions that are pushing to the surface.

Occasionally, according to psychoanalysts, these can also be instincts. The dream image of the seahorse is then as Sexual Symbol to understand.

The dreamer is not in harmony with his physical urges. He suppresses sexual fantasies and cannot find fulfillment in this context. The dreamed seahorse should ask him to recognize and work through this problem. What ways and options are there to not only stand by yourself and your wishes, but also to live them out? At what point can you perhaps try something new?

In addition, the seahorse can also be used in psychological dream analysis Change of the perspective. According to this interpretation, the seahorse does not refer to unfair behavior, but also to narrow-minded ways of thinking. You have to become more open.

Dream symbol “seahorse” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual interpretation of dreams assumes that a seahorse in a dream is always a symbol of fertility is.

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