Seafood – Dream Interpretation

Fish is low in calories but rich in valuable nutrients. Seafood such as crabs, mussels, squid or even oysters and scallops are considered exquisite specialties. They are eaten as a salad, as risotto or even fried. The sea creatures are just as popular as food, especially in the Mediterranean region, as are salmon, fresh tuna and caviar elsewhere. Although herring and smoked fish are also very popular in Germany, there is hardly a pizzeria that does not offer “Frutti di Mare”.

A dream about seafood can be an extremely pleasant or repulsive experience. Depending on how much the dreamer likes to eat lobsters, shrimps, lobsters or prawns in real life, he finds the sight and smell of them appetizing or nauseating. The composition of the seafood is crucial for dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “seafood” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, seafood is a symbol of the recognition of one’s own needs. The dreamer should pay close attention to what kind of sea creatures are in order to protect his life Wishes and desires to be recognized and fulfilled as far as possible.

The dream often indicates the emotional area, because in dream interpretation the sea is always a symbol of feelings. If mussels are particularly noticeable in the dream symbol “seafood”, their hard shell is a sign of Schutz. The dreamer tries to shield his vulnerable interior. He may have been deeply injured once and is now acting cautiously.

If crabs and shrimp predominate in a seafood meal, the dream symbol is an invitation to increase one’s own personality Wert to be attributed. If a whole lobster is served in a dream, in dream interpretation this is a good omen for love relationships and family happiness. But there are also pleasures to be had in this delicacy from the sea.

Dream symbol “seafood” – the psychological interpretation

The type of seafood also plays an important role in the psychological interpretation of dreams. Because of its shape, the shell embodies the female gender. In men’s dreams, the dream symbol expresses the desire to overcome the protective armor and penetrate to the soft interior. So it is a symbol for one sexual conquest.

If women dream of seafood, a closed shell in it can indicate their virginity. Likewise, the subconscious in the dream can indicate unrecognized frigidity or a lack of psychological maturity.

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, crabs in the dream symbol “seafood” indicate a personality who prefers to avoid conflicts rather than tackling them directly. Dreaming tends to cling to other people, but also to material things. Such Character traits are generally rejected. That’s why the dreamer also suppresses them and only remembers them subconsciously.

If the proportion of squid predominates in the dream about seafood, the dream symbol is a sign of a self-critical examination of one’s own personality. The dreamer worries about the image that others might have of him. In the dream he tries to become aware of his mistakes so that he can deal with them better.

Dream symbol “seafood” – the spiritual interpretation

As a dream symbol, seafood is an indication that the dream recognizes and acknowledges its spirituality. Shells embody this in spiritual dream interpretation Self-image of the dreamer, but also the eternal cycle of fertility, death and resurrection.

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