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Shouting is a means of communication that involves raising your voice louder than usual. Often a specific emotion comes with a scream; screaming can be out of anger or fear, sadness or pain. We can also burst into cheers and screams of joy when our feelings of happiness overwhelm us, perhaps even yodeling. We shout at someone when we want to emphasize a threat with our loudness. Usually not only the volume but also the pitch changes when we scream.

The first sound a newborn makes is a cry. Screaming therefore also represents an important developmental stage in our existence. Whether in an outburst of anger or out of sheer joy, shouting is often accompanied by tears and certain facial expressions such as narrowed eyes and the corners of the mouth pulled down. Through the interplay of the reason, posture, facial expressions and possibly the content of the shout, your own scream contains clear information for other people: I am angry, angry, disappointed, sad, happy.

But what does it look like when we scream and shout in a dream? What can this mean? Here too, the feelings associated with screaming can play an important role in the interpretation. But the respective dream situation is also important. Therefore, think again about your dream and try to remember as many details as possible.

Some dreams involving a scream are more common than others. At the beginning we would like to introduce these dream situations and interpret them for you. You will then learn everything you need to know about the general, psychological and spiritual interpretation of the symbol “scream”.

Dream symbol “scream” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Who screams in a dream?

The screaming wife and mother in the dream world

The identity of this person is helpful for analyzing the screaming woman. If it is your own mother who screams in a dream during a conversation, you should first question your relationship with her. If the real relationship is good, then the cry symbolizes an imbalance in the dreamer. The feminine side is not completely accepted – this also applies to men. The opposite is true if the relationship with the mother is bad: then the screaming woman represents a very intensely lived feminine side.

If it is a random woman that you don’t know in reality, the dream image refers to your own creativity and ability to communicate. If the woman screams loudly in the dream, you internally long to meet your needs more.

The man who screams – the dream analysis

As a dream figure, a screaming man points to a well-known person in the area who needs help but prefers to keep it to himself. Anyone who recognizes the man in the dream as their own father may be dealing with a tragic situation within the family. If you see yourself as a man calling, but are actually a woman, you want to convey your drive and energy to the outside world. Everyone should know how strong you are, especially mentally.

A screaming baby in my dream, poor little one!

A crying child, not only in the waking world, triggers the automatic reaction of many people to go and comfort them. It can also happen in a dream that we hold a crying baby in our arms. Basically, the screaming, crying child indicates a burden that can be overcome. Something that has been bothering the sleeper for a long time finally dissolves happily – with this comes new opportunities and paths!

Someone is screaming – but who? A strange dream experience…

A screaming face that is unknown scares many dreamers. If it is a dark figure, the dream can turn into a real nightmare. The situation in which someone screams simply indicates certain abilities of the dreamer that finally want to be used. The person concerned has kept their talents and passions hidden for far too long; Now is the time to live the life you long for.

The cat screams – a torturous dream whine

The screaming cat is certainly just as upsetting in the dream world as it is in reality. The whining of cats can even really annoy some dreamers, so that their ears are still ringing when they have already woken up. If you experience a whining, loudly meowing cat in your dream, you should be careful: a person in your personal environment may be talking badly about you. An unpleasant event could also be announced by the dream image.

Not being able to scream in an emergency, a real nightmare!

If the voice fails: not being able to scream in the dream

Did you dream that you couldn’t scream loudly and had no voice? Were you suddenly silent in your dream even though you actually wanted to scream? Did they see another person screaming without a voice, with their mouth open but unable to utter a single sound? An above-average number of sleepers report such dream experiences. Wanting to scream but not having a voice indicates a dream image of a feeling of fear or anger, which relates to an event from the past. However, suppressing these emotions is harmful.

If the dream motifs “screaming without a voice” and “not being able to scream” repeat themselves regularly, you should consider seeking medical advice; Processing an experience is then recommended.

Help! Not being able to scream when in danger in a dream

When the dream situation becomes dangerous and you are unable to scream for help, a feeling of panic often arises. The dream image reflects the dreamer’s inability to watch someone doing poorly in the waking world. The person concerned would like to help and express their concern and willingness to help, but something is blocking them. Here it is important to research what stresses the dreamer and what he is afraid of.

Screaming like a spit as a dream situation

Scream and cry loudly. Why am I dreaming about this?

The opposite of falling silent is very loud, insistent roaring and crying in a dream. Anyone who sees a person raging with anger needs support in the waking world. If you can recognize the screaming person, interpreting the dream is quite easy. However, if the person screaming is unknown, you have to find the person seeking help in your real environment – because they won’t speak up.

If you are the one who screams and cries at the top of your lungs in a dream, this dream image can also be interpreted as a cry for help. In the waking world you still try to be strong and bear every burden alone. But in the dream world, the subconscious speaks up: It’s time to accept help.

Screaming for help: Dreamed emergency situations

In a panic, you generally called for help and rescue or dialed the emergency number in the dream. You were persecuted or found yourself in danger from which you could not see a way out. This feeling of helplessness in the dream reflects your selflessness in reality. You know that someone in your family or circle of friends is unwell, but you can’t or shouldn’t do anything about it. This eats at you because it is in your nature to help others.

Waking up screaming: It’s all just a dream, ugh!

It seems so strange to dream about waking up when you’re still in the middle of the dream. If one even dreams of waking up screaming, feelings of panic and anxiety may accompany the sleeping experience. However, dreams of seeing yourself waking up screaming are actually considered positive. A new understanding can arise, a new development with greater implications.

Dream symbol “scream” – the general interpretation

Screaming in the waking world is often perceived as annoying noise and is accompanied by feelings of fear or aggression. In general dream interpretation, however, this turns into the opposite and so the dream symbol “screaming” is interpreted primarily as a Lucky symbol.

Especially if the dreamer screams in the dream, a pleasant surprise awaits him in the waking world. Or good news will reach him in the near future. However, if the dreamer screams with joy in his dream, this indicates bad news in waking life.

The general dream interpretation sees cries of despair as a dream symbol as an expression of positive developments in the life of the dreamer. Maybe his current life situation seems a bit hopeless. But his dream shows him that everything will turn out well and to his advantage.

Screaming in fear in a dream symbolizes a serious misjudgment that the dreamer has made in waking life. He has to make up for this error in judgment and to do this he is expected to take a lot of initiative.

A screaming infant in a dream generally represents an offer that requires a lot of attention from the dreamer. Anyone who hears a donkey screaming in a dream must be prepared for disturbances and bad news in the waking world.

Dream symbol “scream” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the dream symbol “screaming” as one Warning dream to the dreamer. Such a dream should draw your attention to something important in your life. What this is about can be deduced from the respective dream context.

If you scream at another person in a dream, the loud noise can indicate that the dreamer feels ignored or overlooked in waking life. He also feels unimportant to others. The dreamer should therefore consider how he can change this state in the waking world. Maybe an open conversation can be the right way here.

A scream of fear or despair as a dream symbol is what the dreamer wants according to the psychological interpretation Understanding show that a situation or a person has developed badly in the waking world. Until now, he had not been aware of the full extent of this.

The hysterical screaming as a sign of defense or displeasure in a dream symbolizes strong emotions that have been suppressed for too long by the dreamer. This can be fear or desperation. If you can’t scream in your dream despite all your efforts, you should face your self-doubts in real life and find the meaning of your life again.

Dream symbol “scream” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “scream” refers to the dreamer’s desire to let his feelings run free in the waking world and to be more open in a spiritual sense.

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