Scissors – dream interpretation

We use scissors in a variety of situations. Such an aid is used not only in crafts, but also in the kitchen, in gardening, like hedge trimmers, in tailoring, in hairdressers who use it to cut hair, in cutting a stencil and even in operations. We use nail scissors to cut our fingernails during a manicure and our toenails during a pedicure. Some animals even have claws, like the crab or the scorpion.

Scissors - dream interpretation

The many ways in which we use scissors are also present in our dreams. As a symbol, it can also appear here in a wide variety of situations. It almost always has a deeper meaning that depends on the specific circumstances in the dream.

When interpreting the dream symbol “scissors” you should take into account what you were cutting in the dream situation, whether the scissors were blunt or sharp, or whether you were perhaps just sharpening them. It can be helpful to write down a few bullet points about this immediately after waking up.

Dream symbol “scissors” – the general interpretation

Basically, a pair of scissors in a dream usually refers to interpersonal connections. There is a threat in the social area The conflict, arguments and disappointments to come. The affected person may behave too rudely towards those around him. Maybe he also hurts her with his sarcastic manner. This is especially true for dreams in which you sharpen a pair of scissors; Therefore, a scissor grinder that you see in a dream is closely linked to the meaning of an argument in the waking world.

If the scissors in the dream are a kitchen, craft or garden tool, it is generally believed that it is difficult to overcome the problems. Surgical scissors, on the other hand, show that there is still hope. It is now important to act particularly carefully and carefully. In this way you will be able to save the existing relationship.

Anyone who cuts something with scissors in a dream or gives a pair of scissors as a gift has already internally detached themselves from the other person. The person concerned longs for one clean cut. He now wants to completely leave the interpersonal connection behind. But if he dreams of someone else using scissors, the opposite applies: In this case, there is someone in your life who would like to end the relationship as quickly as possible.

Occasionally the scissors also have one as a dream symbol sexual connection: Especially in a man’s dreams, scissors can indicate subconscious fears of loss, a lack of sexual confirmation and even a childhood fear of castration.

If the person concerned has their hair cut with scissors in a dream, the symbol also warns against excessive vanity. Cutting fingernails and toenails symbolizes success and good reputation. If you also see tweezers in this dream situation, you should not ignore the little things in life.

Dream symbol “scissors” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation approach, scissors in a dream often refer to the need to move away from a certain one burden experience to solve. The person affected must come to terms with a negative experience and the feelings associated with it. This is the only way he can look into the future without any worries.

However, if he makes a wrong cut with the scissors in the dream, according to psychoanalysts, he will suffer Fear of failure. In this case, the dreamer shys away from changes and coming to terms with the past. He is afraid of making the wrong decision. It is important, perhaps with the support of friends or family, to reflect carefully on what makes the person affected happy in the long term and what things in everyday life could continue to burden them too much in the future.

In psychological dream interpretation, sharpening scissors can also warn of matters that cannot be brought into harmony with one’s inner beliefs. The subconscious should make the person concerned aware that their current path in life is heading in an unfavorable direction. What he is doing now actually contradicts his inner self.

Dream symbol “scissors” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual opinion, scissors are a very ambivalent dream symbol. She can for the Unit of the spiritual and the physical. But sometimes she also shows one radical experience which massively inhibits personal development.

The exact meaning depends on the current life circumstances as well as the emotions felt in the dream.

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