Scissor grinder – dream interpretation

The term “scissor sharpener” refers to craftsmen who sharpen and repair dull knives, scissors and other cutting tools. The scissor grinder emerged from the craft of the armorer and can be traced back to the ability to sharpen a pair of scissor blades to fit.

Scissor grinder - dream interpretation

However, the profession of scissor grinder was often viewed in a derogatory manner and even today the insult “scissor grinder” still exists in parts of Germany. This is used to describe drifters or useless people.

The scissor grinder is always interesting as a dream figure. Let’s look at what it can mean.

Dream symbol “scissor grinder” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream symbol “scissor grinder” heralds quarrels and Conflicts with other people in the waking world. The dreamer will be innocent of these, but he can neither escape the conflicts nor their effects. Sometimes patience can be the right way in this context and the dreamer should wait until the waves have calmed down again.

The scissor grinder in the dream can also indicate that you are taking too much freedom in dealing with your possession has taken out. The dreamer should act carefully in the future.

Anyone who sees a scissor grinder in their dream should be shown that someone is trying to drive a wedge between them and someone close to them. The dreamer should therefore take a closer look at his surroundings in the waking world in order to understand this wrong people to find out. Maybe he can then put a stop to this behavior.

If the scissor sharpener sharpens scissors in a dream, the dreamer should realize that he should communicate with clear words. The sight of a scissor grinder with a grindstone in a dream often warns of dangers that the dream may face fraudulent behavior threatening other people. If a woman dreams of a scissor grinder, she has to prepare for unhappy relationships and immense effort in her waking life.

Dream symbol “scissor grinder” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the scissor grinder in the dream embodies a person who wants to trigger arguments among people who are closely connected to one another. If he appears in a dream, this usually indicates dubious circumstances.

The dream should make the dreamer aware that not everything is as it initially appears. There are various actions going on in the background of a particular situation that he may not recognize. According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, if you dream of a scissor grinder, you will have a lot in the near future cautious act.

If the scissor grinder sharpens scissors or a knife in the dream, the dreamer is asked to be familiar with something familiar in the waking world separate. This can also include feelings that have now outlived themselves. The dreamer just didn’t want to admit this to himself until now.

Dream symbol “scissor grinder” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “scissor grinder” as a hint to the dreamer that he has to be prepared for difficulties when finding his spiritual path. He will only do this through his alert mind to be able to solve.

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