Scarf – dream interpretation

The scarf has become an indispensable fashion accessory and is still an important part of uniformed armed forces around the world. And probably everyone knows the scarf as the trademark of the scout movement. This is only awarded to a member after they have passed their probationary period and is seen as a sign of belonging and solidarity.

Scarves therefore have a fashionable and distinctive function, but also a very practical one: they warm the neck. In addition, cloths can conceal wrinkles on the neck or hickeys, scars or warts.

Scarf - dream interpretation

The scarf is worn by both men and women and came into fashion in the 16th century under the Sun King Louis XIV. At that time it was mainly made of lace-trimmed linen and gradually lost popularity in the 17th century.

In the middle of the 19th century, the scarf was mainly replaced by ribbons or now also by ties.

Dream symbol “scarf” – the general interpretation

As with many other dream symbols, the dream image “scarf” can have very different meanings in general dream interpretation. Basically, you have to take into account the entire dream content and also the feelings and sensations that go along with the dream.

A scarf can serve as a very beautiful accessory that you can place around your neck like a piece of jewelry. If the dreamer shows it off with pride, the dream interpretation sees this as a warning not to get too involved in things that may not concern those affected. Here are more Be silent and Zurückhal­tung appropriate.

If you lose a scarf in your dream experience, things could be a little uncomfortable in the future. In which areas can usually be determined from the other dream contexts.

A scarf, which noticeably restricts the dreamer and takes away the air he can breathe, may indicate an equally tight financial situation or an excess Commitmentswhich literally “suffocate” the wearer.

Dream symbol “scarf” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological perspective of dream interpretation associates the dream symbol “scarf” with the need for Schutz and warmth. Here the dreamer has to take a close look at what the scarf looked like in the dream.

Did the dreaming person wear the scarf tied loosely around their neck or similar to a scarf that one can wrap oneself in to protect oneself from the wind and outside influences to protect. In his real life, he may often feel unprotected by the environment or lack human warmth and affection.

However, if the person concerned experiences the situation in a dream in which their scarf is taken away, this shows them the desire for more authenticity. However, if he has always been a well-adjusted person in his life, he may have an unconscious and deep desire to be more himself. Removing the scarf reflects, so to speak, the need to no longer have to cover anything.

Dream symbol “scarf” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “scarf” symbolizes the spiritual dream interpretation spiritual and universal protection.

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