Scaffold – dream interpretation

A scaffold is the elevated scaffolding or device on which public executions by beheading were carried out in the past. Sometimes the authorities of a city or region simply had a round platform built out of stones with a tree stump in the middle. The condemned man had to put his head on the stump while kneeling, and the executioner struck with a heavy hatchet.

Scaffold - dream interpretation

The beheading were punishments for serious violations of the law and were intended to be visible to everyone. This was an attempt to deter others and prevent future crimes.

Fortunately, criminals are no longer executed today. However, scaffolds can still be viewed and remind us of the gruesome events of the past.

It can also be frightening if we see a scaffold in a dream. Sometimes we even have to climb it in the dream situation and are afraid of being killed at any moment. However, such dreams never predict actual imminent death. Rather, they have a figurative meaning – but what?

Dream symbol “scaffold” – the general interpretation

Contrary to the negative association that people generally have with a scaffold, it can be used as a dream symbol Honor and predict good reputation. The person affected receives a lot of recognition from those around them for their dignified behavior.

However, it is questionable whether this also applies to the person who is most important to the dreamer in real life. He has given his heart away, but the person he or she loves may not feel attracted to the person concerned.

Climbing a scaffold can also occur false friends to warn. The person affected wants to change something in their life and turn it around for the better. A certain person who claims to be a friend may be trying to prevent him from changing and thereby preventing the improvement of current living conditions. It is particularly important at this time to critically and carefully question the true intentions of others.

According to general opinion, anyone who stands on a scaffold in a dream and then leaves it again or falls down has behaved incorrectly in everyday life and is now trying to do his justice Strafe to escape. In this context, the symbol of the scaffold is intended to call for more humility and remorse.

If a scaffold is built from piles while you sleep, you should usually realize that you have created a good foundation for business projects. This will also promote your own success.

Dream symbol “scaffold” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, a scaffold refers to the “killing” of certain people Personality parts. The person affected recognizes which aspects of themselves are holding them back in life. As a result, he now begins to detach himself from them and leave negative experiences and attitudes behind him. On this basis, a promising future awaits him.

Some psychoanalysts also see the symbol of the scaffold as an indication of the desire for more Attention. In this case, the dreamer tends to put himself in a victim role towards those around him. He longs for compassion and emotional closeness that he doesn’t think he can get in any other way.

Dream symbol “scaffold” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual approach, a scaffold in a dream is synonymous with special Self-control.

However, those affected should be aware that this forced acceptance of norms ultimately hinders their spiritual development. He must learn to act more openly, freely and intuitively.

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