Saxophone – dream interpretation

The saxophone (also “saxophone”) is a musical instrument made of brass. Despite this fact, the saxophone is classified as a woodwind instrument because its sound is produced using a reed.

There are different saxophones depending on their design. Alto and tenor saxophones, which are most commonly used, are found in the middle range. The alto saxophone is also very suitable as a beginner’s instrument.

A popular saxophone that covers the higher range is the soprano saxophone. This can also be found in a straight design. The baritone or bass saxophone are often used in the lower vocal range. There are also other types of saxophones in both the extremely high and extremely low registers. However, these are used less often, mostly to enrich the timbre or for solo performances.

Anyone who experiences a saxophone in their sleep may be able to play it in reality or have regular contact with the instrument in some other way. If this is not the case, the question of the dream meaning is even more interesting.

Dream symbol “saxophone” – the general interpretation

On a general level, the dream symbol “saxophone” can primarily be a warning contained in the dreamer. He should stay away from meaningless gossip. This means it should neither create nor spread gossip. Interpreted as a wind instrument, the saxophone in the dream also refers to the dreamer’s intellectual abilities.

If you hear someone playing the saxophone in a dream, you will soon receive visits from acquaintances and many news experience. These can sometimes be uninteresting for the sleeper. If, on the other hand, the dreamer plays the saxophone in his dream, he should not bore others with trivialities in the waking world.

According to general dream analysis, anyone who plays the saxophone in a band or orchestra while sleeping with others will prove to be very successful in working with other people. The dream symbol “saxophone” can also be used as a musical instrument Communication skills of the dreamer. He should become aware of these so that he can use them well in his waking life.

For the general interpretation of the dream image “saxophone” the music that is made with it in the dream or the song that is played can also be significant. Beautiful saxophone music in a dream shows this Joy of the dreamer in the waking world. On the other hand, if the music is out of tune or disharmonious, one should prepare for misfortune and difficulties. Very shrill saxophone sounds in a dream can indicate problems in the relationship.

Dream symbol “saxophone” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the symbol “saxophone” warns the sleeping person not to dwell too much on meaningless little things in the real world. Instead, he should focus on what is important in his life focus. Because then the person affected will continue to make progress in waking life. In addition, he should not participate in other people’s chatter.

If you make music with the saxophone in your dream, you should be careful in the waking world that you don’t get on other people’s nerves. The sight of a saxophone wind instrument in a man’s dream refers to his own sensuality and Lust. In a woman’s dream, this dream symbol can indicate a sexual partner with whom one will spend happy and pleasurable hours.

If the dreamer plays music with his saxophone while sleeping together with other people in a band or group, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, he receives a hint that he is different Personality parts can hold together into a cohesive whole. This will help him achieve a state of inner harmony.

Dream symbol “saxophone” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual interpretation of dreams sees playing a saxophone in the dream as an expression of the way the dreamer sees himself in spiritual matters in the waking world represent want.

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