Sawdust – dream interpretation

Basically, sawdust is a waste product that is created when wood is sawn and does not contribute to the desired product. However, the resulting sawdust is almost never disposed of, but rather used for other areas:

On the one hand, chipboard is made from the chips, which are used, among other things, for the thermal insulation of houses. On the other hand, sawdust is often used as fuel. Last but not least, animal owners also need sawdust to line their stables and to protect the surface from the animals’ excretions. A lot of sawdust or alternatively straw is needed in a circus ring or in the zoo enclosures.

In addition to their use in real life, sawdust can also appear as a dream symbol. What do they say at this level? What do sawdust mean in a dream?

Dream symbol “sawdust” – the general interpretation

As a dream symbol, sawdust can have very different meanings. The exact interpretation often depends on the current living circumstances of the person affected.

Basically, however, the symbol warns Trouble on a private level. Living together with other people, especially your own family, is currently not as harmonious as it once was.

If the person concerned sees sawdust in a dream, he may not realize that he is behaving or has behaved incorrectly in some situations. These mistakes cause distrust among others, but also disappointment and Wut. One should try to behave particularly carefully in the coming period and in this way restore balance.

However, if the sawdust in the dream is caused by the person concerned’s own efforts, the symbol should be understood more positively. This means, for example, dreams in which you plan or saw yourself and sawdust falls down. Such a dream symbolizes the accuracy, with which the affected person carries out tasks in everyday life. He doesn’t allow himself to be disturbed, but rather achieves his successes with a lot of hard work and conscientiousness.

Dream symbol “sawdust” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological view, the dream symbol “sawdust” refers to all the things that are small and small to the person concerned in everyday life insignificant appear. He should understand the dream as an invitation to open his eyes. With his current attitude he is in danger of missing out on important opportunities in life.

In some cases, sawdust is also used as Sexual Symbol understood. The dreamer may have erotic fantasies that he perceives as abnormal or extraordinary and for which he is ashamed. However, he should be aware that continued suppression of his sexual desires cannot make him happy in life in the long term.

Dream symbol “sawdust” – the spiritual interpretation

Sawdust is created when something is formed from wood. In this context, the dream symbol can refer to the creative and creative abilities draw the dreamer’s attention.

The dream asks him to give these talents more space in life. In this way he will be able to develop even more freely.

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