Savior – dream interpretation

Today, our everyday lives are regulated in such a way that almost every step is planned and safe. Nevertheless, people often find themselves in situations in which they need the help of a rescuer, for example in a car accident or when there is a fire. Firefighters, paramedics and lifeguards are specially trained for such emergencies and are often real life savers. In life situations that seem hopeless, a personal “savior” sometimes appears to help someone out of a crisis.

A dream about a rescuer is certainly always about an emergency situation. Maybe someone is in financial trouble or needs emotional support. Someone may also need to be rescued from acute danger. A crucial factor in dream interpretation is who appears as a savior and who needs help.

Dream symbol “savior” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “savior” can refer to one in the dream interpretation real danger indicate from which the dreamer wants to be freed. Above all, great fear in the dream indicates that the dreamer perceives a certain situation in his life as threatening. He is therefore hoping for a savior who will help him, for example, to overcome a personal or business crisis.

In dream interpretation, however, the symbol of one’s own rescue also conveys that the dreamer is now in debt to his rescuer.

If the dreamer sees himself as a rescuer, perhaps also in connection with an ambulance, this promises the future in popular dream interpretation Dank, reward and reputation. The dream symbol can be an invitation to get involved socially. It is possible that the dreamer has been planning this for a long time and is now receiving the final push from the dream to implement his plan.

Another aspect of the dream symbol “savior” in dream interpretation is the desire for a relationship with the person you are helping. If the dreamer saves himself from a difficult situation in the dream, he can do so Reward of his efforts in real life.

Dream symbol “savior” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, according to dream interpretation, saving another person reflects the desire for reward and recognition of your own achievements. Depending on your personal life situation, the dream symbol “savior” can be a signal from the subconscious not to carelessly endanger your own body or psyche when overwhelmed by emotions.

If the dreamer tries in vain to free an animal from an emergency situation, the dream symbol “savior” reflects this Despair about not being able to change negative behaviors and attitudes. In dream interpretation, the rescuer can also draw attention to an exaggerated willingness to help, which gives the dreamer a feeling of power.

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the rescuer who frees the dreamer from the clutches of danger is a dream symbol for the Probation from your own drives and passions. The dreamer fears that he will not be able to satisfy his needs in a controlled manner and therefore hopes for someone else’s help.

If he tries to save himself from something in the dream, this shows an effort to recognize and solve a problem. If your own rescue is not successful, the dream symbol “savior” can be an expression of feelings of guilt and be remorseful. The dreamer wants to do something right, but he doesn’t succeed.

In dream interpretation, the dream can also indicate a personality who does not want to admit weakness and who is too proud to accept the help of a savior.

Dream symbol “savior” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “savior” symbolizes a power that… lost souls redeemed in this world and in the hereafter. The dreamer seeks contact with a mental force.

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