Satin – dream interpretation

Due to its special production method, satin fabric has a smooth, very shiny top and a matt bottom. Depending on the yarn and fiber type, satin can be light or heavy, flowing or stiff, matte or high-gloss. Most often, fibers such as silk or viscose are used to produce satin, as these increase the shine of the fabric.

Depending on its respective properties, different types of satin are distinguished. Duchess satin is rather heavy and has a strong shine, which is why it is often used for formal wear, evening or wedding dresses.

Satin - dream interpretation

Crepe satin is more fluid and feels smooth and cool. That’s why this satin variant is mainly used for underwear or lining. Bed linen is mainly made from cotton or Mako satin.

Dream symbol “satin” – the general interpretation

According to general dream analysis, the dream symbol “satin” is for business matters lucky Sign. The dreamer is predicted that his business and projects will develop well and he will be successful. In the area of ​​love, however, it is understood as a warning. The sleeping person should beware of flattery in the waking world. In addition, satin as a dream image can indicate an imminent invitation to a party.

Anyone who buys satin in his dream should not waste his money carelessly, even if his business is going well. There may also be lean times again when reserves are needed. A pajama or a nightgown made of satin as a dream image can reflect the sleeper’s longing for peace and quiet recreation Clues.

If the dreamer wears a satin scarf in his dream, he should not interfere in other people’s affairs in waking life. A certain degree of restraint would be appropriate now.

If the dreamer covers his bed with satin bed linen while sleeping, his financial situation in the waking world will improve. He may also be able to expect a larger profit. Dream dresses made of satin can be on ambitious goals refer to what the dreamer pursues in the real world. In addition, wearing a satin evening dress while sleeping can indicate a desire for social advancement.

In many cases, a satin wedding dress in a dream embodies the person concerned’s longing for a happy and stable relationship.

Dream symbol “satin” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees the symbol “satin” as a reference to the emotional world of the dreamer. He should become aware of his newly developed feelings that he feels towards another person in the waking world. So far he has not consciously admitted this to himself.

If the sleeper wears satin clothing in his dream, he wants to face others on a real level attractive show. However, this dream situation is also intended to illustrate to him that he cannot hide his true inner self through a beautiful exterior.

If a woman wears satin lingerie in a dream, she can receive an indication of her sexual needs.

The color of this fabric or clothing can also play a role in the psychological interpretation of the dream symbol “satin”. It would therefore be advisable to use the aspects of the corresponding dream image or the dream symbol “colors”.

Dream symbol “satin” – the spiritual interpretation

Viewed from a transcendent point of view, the dream symbol “satin” can help the sleeper admonish, not to be too arrogant in spiritual matters. Instead, he should share his knowledge with other people.

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