Sash – dream interpretation

A sash is a wide band worn over clothing. It can either be placed around the hips or worn diagonally across the upper body. The sash often serves as a decorative ribbon, for example in uniforms, and orders or medals can also be attached to it.

In France, sashes in the national colors are worn by mayors and members of the National Assembly on public occasions as a sign of their office. This use of the sash can also be found in Italy. In many Latin American countries, a sash designed in the national colors is even one of the hallmarks of the president.

Sash - dream interpretation

Nowadays, sashes are also commonly used in beauty pageants. You can also find these as accessories at bachelorette parties.

At certain animal competitions, sashes are also presented as an award to the winner or the top three finishers.

Dream symbol “sash” – the general interpretation

The general dream analysis interprets the sash as a dream symbol as a symbol of Lob and recognition. The dreamer wants his achievements to be recognized in the waking world. This dream image can also indicate a pleasant surprise that you will experience in the pleasant company of your friends.

Anyone who wears a sash in their dream can have one in their waking life happy partnershipt, possibly even looking forward to getting married soon. If you see yourself wearing a sash, you should become aware of your own self-image. Buying a sash in a dream may indicate that the sleeper’s open nature is highly valued.

If other people wear sashes in the dream, other people will be affected by it unwise actions of the sleeping person gain in prestige. It can also be interesting for the interpretation who wears the sash in the dream. Were they acquaintances or strangers? Was it perhaps your own partner or father and mother? The aspects of the respective dream symbol can provide further conclusions about the meaning of the dream.

If you receive a sash with a medal in a dream, your own Services be recognized and appreciated in waking life. If people wear sashes in a procession in a dream, the dreamer should be shown his desire for like-minded people. If animals are awarded sashes in a dream in a competition, for example at a rabbit show or a horse tournament, the sleeper should be careful in waking life not to overestimate their own passions or drives.

Dream symbol “sash” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream analysis, the dream symbol “sash” often creates a connection to the dream image “ribbon” and can be used as a sign for Friendship and hope can be interpreted.

If the dreamer wears a sash over his clothes while sleeping, then, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, this can mean happy and happy times indicate in waking life. In addition, the color of the sash in the dream should also be examined more closely. Because this can also play an important role in the design.

A white or blue sash as a dream symbol can illustrate the desire for loyalty in matters of love. Green sashes in sleep symbolize expectations, and red ones bring joy in real life. If the sash is black in the dream, the sleeper is often faced with grief and sadness.

Dream symbol “sash” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual point of view, the dream image “sash” symbolizes the dreamer’s desire recognition and fame for his mental abilities.

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