Sapphire – dream interpretation

Like ruby, sapphire is also a color variant of the mineral corundum. The color spectrum of the sapphire ranges from sky blue to dark blue, sometimes even black. The color depends on the light incidence.

Sapphire has been a highly valued and popular gemstone since time immemorial, and there is always something mysterious about it. This may be due to its blue color, which is reminiscent of the depth of the sea or the infinity of space.

In Asia, sapphire is considered a stone of friendship and truth. In Europe it is seen as a transmitter of honor or even immortality and is considered a symbol of knowledge. But what does it mean in dream analysis? How is the sapphire interpreted here?

Dream symbol “sapphire” – the general interpretation

General dream analysis interprets the symbol “sapphire” as a dream that is for the sleeper as well as for his friends and family Luck promises. He will be fine in the waking world in the future and can look forward to a happy time. His family may also expand, for example through a birth or a wedding.

The sight of many sapphires in a dream usually promises prosperity and wealth as well as pleasant pleasures. If you buy a sapphire from a jeweler in a dream, you will soon be forced to be frugal in the waking world. Clothing that is set with sapphires and other jewels in a dream often brings luck and success in waking life. The dream may also have an inheritance or business profits in store.

In general, wearing sapphire jewelry while sleeping can bring about social advancement and the satisfaction of certain desires. A sapphire ring as a dream image can be a happy one partnership symbolize.

A necklace with sapphires while sleeping symbolizes a relationship that is characterized by security. If a buckle studded with sapphires is seen in a dream, the dreamer should realize that he is surrounded by envious people who do not begrudge him his happiness.

Dream symbol “sapphire” – the psychological interpretation

Within the psychological interpretation of dreams, the sapphire in the dream is primarily understood as an invitation. The dreamer should say goodbye to his self-indulgence and materialistic attitude. Because only when he has done this will he have his inner peace find.

In addition, the dream symbol “sapphire” can illustrate worldly loyalty and piety. If the blue color of the gemstone is in the foreground in connection with the sapphire in the dream, this can be due to the liberation report a current problem. Further aspects can also be found under the dream symbol “blue”.

Sapphire blue eyes as a dream image can be understood as a reference to the subconscious and one’s own emotional state. If the dreamer sees a treasure with many sapphires, gold and pearls in his sleep, the immutability of the core of his life is said to him personality be aware. It’s better to leave this untouched and not touch it.

Dream symbol “sapphire” – the spiritual interpretation

Viewed from a transcendent point of view, the sapphire, as a dream symbol, admonishes the sleeper to his spiritual development to move forward further. He should also become aware of what he considers valuable about himself.

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