Sandals – dream interpretation

Sandals are light women’s summer shoes made of straps or openwork leather. Their airiness makes them equally attractive to men and women on hot days. They are available in different versions such as thong sandals, sandals or Roman sandals. The latter already indicate that this type of shoe has been around since ancient times. The name also comes from the Latin word “sandalium”.

For a long time it was considered inappropriate to wear open shoes. If you wore sandals, you at least wore socks, which is now considered a deadly fashion sin. In the 1970s, sandals experienced a fashionable upgrade. They are now available in different materials, with high or flat heels, and are often combined with airy dresses and light trousers in their free time.

Since sandals are usually associated with summer heat and pleasant airiness for the feet, a dream about such shoes is probably associated with pleasant sensations. If you dream of flat sandals, wearing comfort is probably the main focus; high-heeled models are more likely to indicate fashion awareness. In dream interpretation, the condition of the sandals often provides more information about the dream.

Dream symbol “sandals” – the general interpretation

As a dream symbol, sandals indicate that the dreamer likes to look for the path of least resistance. He prefers to avoid obstacles and difficulties, instead he appreciates them Comfort and lightness. In dream interpretation, sandals point to the understanding that the dreamer can have for other people and their needs.

However, the dream symbol “sandals” also represents one frivolous character, who often doesn’t take things seriously enough. The pronounced need for freedom, which is also expressed in such a dream, can cause the dreamer to isolate himself from his fellow human beings. In dream interpretation, sandals can therefore also be seen as a warning not to become a strange loner.

For dream interpretation, it is important to remember what exactly happens to the dream symbol “sandals” and what it looks like. Worn sandals in a dream can be seen as a request to approach a situation slowly and prudently.

If you dream that you find an old, used pair of sandals, you should go back on the path you left. The dream symbol often gives one in dream interpretation Reference to a journey: Anyone who puts on sandals in a dream and walks away with them will probably soon set off in real life.

A damaged belt is a sign that the dreamer will change his mind and stay at home. However, if the strap of the shoe is completely torn off, this heralds in the dream interpretation the involuntary cancellation of the trip.

Dream symbol “sandals” – the psychological interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “sandals” symbolizes a negative basic attitude. The dreamer is heavily burdened by thoughts that constantly revolve around certain problems. It is possible that a certain feeling is expressed in the dream Resignationbecause the dreamer is convinced that a currently bad situation cannot be improved.

In dream interpretation, sandals also embody female sexuality. For Freud, putting on shoes is seen as a symbol of the sexual act, in which erotic desires but also repressed insecurities are expressed.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “sandals” is a mirror for the current psychological state Condition of the dreamer. If the shoes are tight, there is probably something bothering him in real life. In dream interpretation, comfortable sandals signal that everything is currently going according to plan.

If the sandals are worn out or broken in the dream so that they need to be repaired, the dream symbol is a sign of a possible character weakness. The dreamer should be honest with himself and work on possible personal shortcomings.

Dream symbol “sandals” – the spiritual interpretation

On a spiritual level, the dream symbol “sandals” is a symbol of dream interpretation Grounding of the dreamer or, depending on the personal state of mind, for them shielding against the earth forces.

In addition, sandals in the dream show where the dreamer currently stands in the spiritual area.

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