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When we think of sand, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is a long beach by the sea, perhaps even with footprints and beautiful holiday memories. There are also sometimes sandy sections on some quarry lakes or rivers that invite you to linger. We can also find ourselves in these places in our dreams.

At the same time, sand can also appear as a dream symbol in the form of an hourglass, as quicksand or as material for building a sand castle. Maybe we pour it through a sieve, transport it in a wheelbarrow or put it in a container. The quartz sand is also a special feature. How can these dreams be interpreted?

Dream symbol “sand” – the general interpretation

Sand basically symbolizes in dreams uncertainty and impermanence. The dreamer may have plans and plans for his own future, but their successful implementation is doubtful.

There may be a lack of forethought, meaning that the person concerned is not sufficiently prepared for potential problems and is ill-prepared for what they want to do and achieve. For certain things, it is important to protect yourself in advance and plan carefully.

Sand in connection with the sea can also indicate emotional insecurity, a lack of direction in the dreamer’s emotional life. If you see signs in the sand while you sleep, you may receive a message of love.

Quicksand can also indicate uncertainty, in the sense that the person affected cannot decide what is really important to them in their life, which aspects and people they can perhaps do without and which under no circumstances can they do without. He should definitely view the dream as an invitation to look into this in more detail.

In addition, it is possible for people to see an hourglass in a dream. This can also happen in real life expiring time symbolize: The dreamer should hurry up with certain things before it is too late to have any influence.

Dream symbol “sand” – the psychological interpretation

On a psychological level of interpretation, the dream symbol sand can have different meanings. The specific interpretation often depends on the situation in the dream. In principle, according to this view, the sand can reduce the amount Time in the life of the person affected. He may be afraid of old age or death and fear that he will no longer have enough time in life to do certain things.

Anyone who builds a sand castle in a dream is looking for one in real life Structure. The dreamer wants to realign his life and give him orientation. However, his subconscious has already realized that this is an illusion and will not last.

Seeing a sandstorm or even being in one can also be threatening losses show that result from the lack of understanding of one’s own fellow human beings. They often cannot follow the dreamer in real life and misunderstand him.

It also happens that people dream of being buried in sand. According to psychological opinion, this dream situation suggests that one is holding back too much in life, does not value one’s own existence and is not self-confident enough.

Dream symbol “sand” – the spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual sense, the sand in the dream can also be for you expiring time stand for who transience and the possible approach of death.

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