Sanatorium – dream interpretation

The term sanatorium or sanitarium usually refers to health clinics or spas. Sometimes this can also mean a psychiatric hospital. Especially at the end of the 19th century, many sanatoriums were set up for the purpose of healing.

Diseases such as tuberculosis should be treated there. But even more obscure illnesses, such as hysteria or fatigue, should be cured through treatment in a sanatorium. The sanatorium was particularly popular among the upper class of society and such hospital stays became a major fad.

Let us now look at what the dream symbol “sanatorium” can traditionally mean in dream analysis:

Dream symbol “sanatorium” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation sees the dream symbol “sanatorium” primarily as one request to the dreamer to treat themselves to more relaxation and peace. Because if he continues to overtax himself in the waking world, serious damage can occur. It may therefore be necessary to accept help from other people. This can also provide relief.

If you see a sanatorium from the outside in your dream, you will be able to cope with a disappointment or failure in the waking world better or quicker than initially thought. In addition, this dream situation can also be based on the dreamer’s wish Quiet and distance from his tasks.

If the dreamer is a patient in a sanatorium in the dream, something is seriously hindering his further development in the waking world. He has to solve these problems first or he has to deal with a disappointment he has suffered. Then he can move forward again.

In general, visiting a patient in a sanatorium in a dream indicates happy times that will come to the dreamer. If the dreamer works in a sanatorium in his dream, he will soon be able to relax in his waking life Rewards rejoice in what he has earned for his selflessness and clever actions.

Dream symbol “sanatorium” – the psychological interpretation

According to psychological dream interpretation, the dream symbol “sanatorium” expresses the Need for help of the dreamer. The unconscious wants to show him this through his dream, because until now the dreamer has denied this fact or pushed it aside. If the dreamer sees himself in a high-altitude sanatorium in a dream, this shows him his difficulties in promoting and challenging his spirit in an appropriate way.

If the dreamer speaks to a sanatorium doctor in his dream, he should memorize the content of the conversation carefully. Because here his dream provides him with important information for waking life, like his solve problems or how the dreamer can achieve more peace in his life.

If the dreamer visits another person in a dream sanatorium, from a psychological point of view he should become aware that a part of himself does not feel well. The dreamer should focus his attention on this in his waking life and thus help himself.

Dream symbol “sanatorium” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the sanatorium embodies a dream symbol healing environment for the dreamer. Here he can bring things back into the right balance and thus find his inner balance.

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