Salamander – dream interpretation

Salamanders are amphibians from the amphibian family. They are often confused with newts because of their similar body structure – however, newts have fin edges. Many species of salamander live on land, but there are also aquatic salamanders. The best-known representative of its genus is the fire salamander with its strikingly spotted skin. Today he is the mascot of a shoe company: Lurchi, the fire salamander, whose adventures there were even comic books about from 1937.

Myths and legends have surrounded this animal since ancient times; it was said that it could supposedly survive in fire, and some even attributed fire to it as an element and habitat. The fire salamander should also be able to put out a fire. It was also considered extremely poisonous; simply touching a salamander could lead to symptoms of poisoning and a rash. In old writings and pictures he was sometimes depicted as a snake with a long tail, sometimes as a dragon.

What is true is that salamanders are remarkable animals that, if they lose a body part due to a predator or an accident, can regrow it. But what does it mean when we encounter a salamander, perhaps even a fire salamander, in a dream?

Dream symbol “salamander” – the general interpretation

As in mythology, the salamander often represents fire in dream interpretation. This can be due to the fire Passion indicate, for example, because the dreamer is falling in love or an old relationship is rekindling.

But it can also be a tricky matter that requires tact, or a fiery one Streit, which threatens to escalate. The salamander acts here as a mediator; it symbolizes the cool mind, the saving idea that protects the dreamer from completely giving in to his anger.

A dream in which the salamander appears can therefore indicate an argument or a difficult situation. The dreamer should remember his common sense and try to deal with the situation calmly and with oneself clear head to address.

If the dream is planning a project or has something bigger planned professionally, the salamander can also mean that the project Success will have if the dreamer approaches it carefully and efficiently. The dream symbol warns Carelessness and from allowing yourself to be guided solely by your feelings.

Dream symbol “salamander” – the psychological interpretation

Like the lizard and the snake, the salamander also embodies this in the dream unconscious. Because he can lose limbs without being harmed, he often represents letting go and fearlessness. But the aspect of fire also plays a major role.

If you dream of a fire salamander, part of you may be longing for it Transformationthe cleansing power of fire suggests feelings of guilt or old burdens that need to be burned away.

However, fire can also represent passion and… intensity stand. Maybe you engage with it unconsciously sexuality and your passionate, unbridled parts. Sexuality can be life force and motivation. The love and dedicationwhich are symbolized by the salamander, can refer to a person or express a longing, but they can also be felt for a cause or a profession.

Dream symbol “salamander” – the spiritual interpretation

The salamander is a very spiritual animal. As a dream symbol it represents one Transformation by fire, for one cleaning, from which the soul emerges like a phoenix from the ashes. Subtle connections are dissolved and the power of fire leads to a profound transformation.

As a magical creature and carrier of one of the four elements, the salamander can also be seen in dreams Bote be from the higher world.

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