Salad – dream interpretation

The salad, especially when enjoyed on its own, is a very original, fresh food. With its crunchy consistency and green color, it conjures up a piece of nature on our plates.

It has long since lost its bad reputation as “rabbit food” for people on a bad diet and appears in the most expensive restaurants, and in a variety of creations it is anything but boring. Garnished with spicy radishes and aromatic fried mushrooms, corn and carrot strips, with chicken breast strips or shrimp – hmmm, delicious. There are hardly any limits to your imagination when preparing a salad: a delicious salad can even be made from flowers such as daisies.

But there is more to it than just food. We literally say: “Since we have the mess!”, meaning that an unpleasant, mostly chaotic situation has arisen that we have already foreseen. Salad also plays a special role in fairy tales. In the story of Rapunzel, all misery begins with the expectant mother’s craving for a certain type of salad.

In dream interpretation, this vegetable can have many different meanings. In order to keep all the details of the dream that are important for interpretation, it can help to keep a dream diary and record the dreams in writing.

Dream symbol “salad” – the general interpretation

Like vegetables in general, salad also represents vital forces and Health. Depending on the state in which it appears in the dream, it says a lot about the vitality of the dreamer. If it is wilted or dressed with a sauce made from too much vinegar or mustard and is inedible, this is a sign Illness or deficiencies in the dreamer’s life, perhaps something is missing, be it on the food level or in a figurative sense.

If he is served salad in the dream and doesn’t want to eat it, this can also happen for him Obstacles stand in life. Green, fresh salad, especially when eaten in a good mood, usually represents strength and Success. The dreamer is aware of how important health and well-being is and takes care of himself. It can also be an unexpected advantage that the dreamer receives after he has already classified a situation as hopeless.

Served in bowls, the salad can also be prepared for an upcoming meal Test indicate. A salad with a special ingredient, such as artichokes or pomegranate seeds, can indicate greater recognition in the waking world.

On the other hand, simple green salad can symbolize temptations and unpleasant situations. Especially if you buy or pick it, it can Streit or jealousy indicate and represent a warning not to plunge yourself into misfortune.

Picking green salad can also mean that you are very sensitive at the moment and value every word. Sowing or planting lettuce in rows often represents the inner need for order. However, sometimes salad dreams just indicate a longing for that simple life away from the constant accessibility and technology of the modern world.

Planted lettuce that forms long stems and goes into flower indicates your own sexuality there. The dream may be longing for a sexual adventure.

If you pile two spoonfuls of salad on your plate in your dream, you may soon be invited to a celebration.

Dream symbol “salad” – the psychological interpretation

The salad as a psychologically interpreted dream symbol can refer to certain things Personality parts to draw attention. The dreamer should pay attention to whether he enjoys or rejects the whole salad, or whether there are individual components that he dislikes and what they mean to him.

Salad in a dream can also mean something about you interpersonal relationships of the dreaming, it often stands for disappointment or jealousy, especially when withered it can also indicate the end of a friendship.

Dream symbol “salad” – the spiritual interpretation

As a very original food, salad symbolizes the connection to the spiritual sense Nature.

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