Sail – dream interpretation

The sailboat glides over the water with billowing sails. The wind pushes it so fast that it almost starts to fly. A feeling of freedom and independence comes over us. But we are not that independent. Because suddenly the wind dies down. Our speed slows down and the sail no longer inflates as much. How can such a dream situation be interpreted? What is hidden behind the dream symbol “sail”?

Dream symbol “sail” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the sail symbolizes the dream symbol decision of the dreamer, his existing energy in the waking world to be used sensibly. It is important to him not to waste his energy on trivial things.

On the general level of dream interpretation, various features play an important role in the interpretation of the dream symbol “sail”. For example, the color of the sail should be taken into account in the dream. A white sail does not necessarily have to appear in a dream – even if this is usually the case. Perhaps the sail was also red or black as a dream symbol.

For a more comprehensive dream interpretation, the dream symbol “colors” should also be used.

The shape of the sail in the dream is also interesting. Old-fashioned sails as a dream symbol refer to outdated methods, which the dreamer uses in the waking world. The modern sails of a racing boat in a dream, on the other hand, indicate the use of modern technology.

The general dream interpretation interprets sails blown by the wind as a dream symbol as an indication to the dreamer that he is driven by inspiration and creative power. The sight of several sails in a dream, perhaps at a sailing regatta, foreshadows one that will soon begin long travel of the dreamer.

Setting sails as a dream symbol illustrates that the dreamer’s business plans will develop well and that he will enjoy it. If the dreamer observes the journey of a ship with set sails in the dream, according to the general dream interpretation, he should realize that the Times are now very favorable and he can realize big plans.

If, on the other hand, the dreamer gathers sails in the dream, his expectations will not be fulfilled. The drifting of a ship with slack sails as a dream symbol wants to point out to the dreamer that he should now hold back in business matters. The signs for big projects are bad. He should postpone this until later.

Dream symbol “sail” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “sail” wants to show the dreamer that he is primarily himself guided by his mind leaves. Especially when it comes to decisions, but also when it comes to living, the dreamer is not a “gut person” but relies on his intellect.

If the dreamer sets the sails of a sailing ship in his dream in order to sail on it, this should make him aware that he is in the waking world acts wisely. Because, figuratively speaking, he knows exactly where the wind is blowing from.

However, if there is no wind in the dream and the sails only hang limply, the dream symbol should be understood as a sign that the dreamer should wait and see if the situation is unclear. If he acts too quickly, the matter will only turn out to his disadvantage.

Dream symbol “sail” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual interpretation of dreams sees the dream symbol “sail” as closely linked to the wind that inflates it. That’s why the sail is seen in the dream as the Power of the Spirit interpreted that drives the dreamer.

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