Sage – dream interpretation

Sage is one of a very species-rich plant genus, with around 900 different species known. The so-called real sage is an evergreen, usually perennial shrub and is one of the most important spice and medicinal plants.

The healing effects of sage were already known in ancient times and the Middle Ages. Even today, sage is still used as a remedy for many ailments, for example as a tea for sore throats or to reduce sweating.

Sage is very popular as a herb in Mediterranean cuisine. It is particularly popular in the popular dish “Saltimbocca”, but is also often used in antipasti or entrecote.

Dream symbol “sage” – the general interpretation

Within the general interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “sage” is primarily used as a sign for thrift viewed. Both the dreamer and his family show economical use of money and other resources in the waking world. Sage can also indicate the cleverness and wisdom of the dreamer while sleeping. He should become aware of this spiritual strength so that he can use it purposefully.

Anyone who sees sage in their dream will soon find an answer to a question that concerns them in the waking world. Because the sleeper has made a decision and will find a solution through his personal experience. Drinking sage tea as a dream image illustrates that you should remain patient. Because this makes it easy to become a possibility Self-help find.

If the dreamer cuts sage into small pieces with a knife while sleeping, he will have one in waking life Change of heart carry out. This will also entail separation from some behaviors. If you cook a meal with sage in a dream, you often have a task ahead of you that will strengthen the sleeper spiritually.

In general, too much sage in a dream meal can indicate excessive exuberance in matters of love and wealth, which one will soon regret.

Dream symbol “sage” – the psychological interpretation

Psychological dream analysis sees the dream image of sage as a symbol for the Healing of the mind. The sleeper longs for peace of mind on a mental level because he is busy with a lot at the moment. It is possible that this spiritual healing in the waking world can only be achieved with professional help.

A sage bush as a dream symbol can draw attention to the fact that the dreamer is different from other people withdraw want. Because preoccupation with these leads to an inner imbalance and thus causes him to become ill.

Seen in a dream as a spice in food, the dream symbol “sage” can warn the sleeper to pay more attention to their environment. Because someone around him may need his support.

Dream symbol “sage” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the transcendent dream interpretation, the dream symbol “sage” promises that a deeper meaning will arise spiritual wisdom will reveal. He should accept this knowledge and implement it in his life.

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