Saffron – dream interpretation

The spice saffron is obtained from the stigmas of the flowers of the crocus species of the same name. Saffron has a bitter, tart, spicy taste, which, however, is hardly noticeable at normal doses. On the other hand, the typical saffron scent can be present well when cooking.

In addition, the ingredients contained in saffron ensure that the dish seasoned with it turns an intense golden yellow. Therefore, if this yellow color is in the foreground, the dream symbol “yellow” and its aspects should also be used for dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “saffron” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, saffron as a dream image can indicate that the dreamer is in a state of being in the waking world inner dissatisfaction and is looking for a way out of it. Because this time of frustration brought with it great monotony and the sleeper was bored.

In addition, the dream symbol “saffron” can contain a warning against false expectations and hopes. The dreamer should become aware that he has enemies or rivals in waking life who are secretly preparing intrigues against his plans.

According to general dream analysis, drinking saffron tea in a dream can family quarrels and announce alienation.

Anyone who uses saffron as a spice in their dream wants more joy and Variety bring into his real life. Eating a dish spiced with saffron as a dream image can generally show the dreamer’s longing for new experiences, which should be characterized by adventure or passion.

If you make saffron yourself from crocus flowers in a dream, you often strive for wealth and comfort in your waking life.

Dream symbol “saffron” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream analysis, the saffron as a dream image is a symbol of wisdom and important insights. The sleeper strives for these in the waking world or he wishes to achieve them. In some cases, the dream symbol “saffron” can also be understood as a request to break away from everyday routine and give your life more “spice”.

If the dreamer uses a lot of saffron when cooking rice while sleeping, his current mental health is said to be apparent to him moodiness become conscious in waking life. He should therefore examine his current life situation to find out the cause of this irritability. Only then will he be able to take concrete countermeasures.

If the sleeper tastes his saffron meal in a dream, he will be very attentive to upcoming tasks or other people. However, if he refuses to eat such a meal, he cannot gain new energy from meeting other people.

Dream symbol “saffron” – the spiritual interpretation

Seen as a spice in a dream, the dream symbol “saffron” can, according to spiritual dream interpretation, ask the sleeper to have more variety and Joy into his spiritual existence.

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