Sadomasochism – dream interpretation

Sexuality has many aspects. What can increase pleasure for one person is completely absurd or unnatural for another. For many people, the last-mentioned area also includes sado-masochism or BDSM, a collective term for sexual practices related to “Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism”.

In BDSM there is almost always an active, bossy sexual partner and a passive, submissive one. Sometimes there is a mistress who disciplines her “slave” in role play, which gives him great satisfaction. The binding, gagging and controlled infliction of pain through light whipping and other measures is part of the pleasure gain. This game of desire, desired control, humiliation and violence is viewed as repulsive by many people.

But studies show that more people have such tendencies than initially thought. Women in particular show greater interest in this area of ​​sexuality, but consciously reject these sexual practices because their upbringing and morals “forbid” them. Against this background, the dream symbol “Sadomaso” is often perceived as disturbing. After all, you don’t want to have anything to do with these methods. – Or maybe yes?

Anyone who experiences sadomasochistic practices in a dream may initially be surprised. Above all, BDSM with a complete stranger is unusual, such as a one-night stand, because this requires trust. However, if a stranger plays an important role in the dream, the dreamer should ask himself who or what this person symbolizes.

Dream symbol “Sadomaso” – the general interpretation

If the dream image “Sadomaso” appears in connection with positive feelings, then, according to general dream analysis, this can primarily be due to the desire for a new one sexual experience or indicate change. The dreamer would like to expand his horizons in this area.

In addition, the dream symbol can reflect the great trust that you place in your partner in the waking world. The sleeper gives himself completely to his partner and is ready to reveal his innermost being to him.

If you experience torture methods in a sadomasochism dream and are the one who feels slight pain, you often fit in as a “follower” in society in the waking world. The dreamer rarely speaks back or expresses his opinion loudly. Conversely, if someone whips another person in a dream or tortures them with hot candle wax, an outsider may be exerting a harmful influence on the sleeper.

If feelings that are felt in the dream in connection with the symbol “Sadomasochism” are of a negative nature, this is an indication difficulties understood in the private or sexual area. Giving up control and taking on the submissive, obedient role is seen as unpleasant and the feeling of being at the mercy and powerlessness is in the foreground.

If the dreamer takes on the dominant role while sleeping and may even appear sadistic, then in general he is trying to come to terms with reality through his dream of BDSM. Because in the waking world he finds himself in a life situation over which he has no control whatsoever control has. This can apply to both the private and professional areas.

If you feel bad in the dream because of the sadomasochistic actions, this can also happen Feelings of guilt Clues. The dreamer has hurt other people on an emotional level in waking life.

Dream symbol “Sadomaso” – the psychological interpretation

Within psychological dream interpretation, the appearance of BDSM practices in a sexual dream is seen as a sign of a reparation viewed.

Through a dream content with sadomasochistic sexual intercourse, the dreamer should become aware that certain parts of the personality are not in balance. Because there is something weighing on him that has thrown his soul out of balance. Character traits that have to do with control may come to the fore too much. This pushes other parts of his personality into the background. He should restore a harmonious state here.

Giving up control in conjunction with the dream symbol “Sadomaso” can also lead to more Relaxation request. The dreamer is too busy in his current life situation and should relax more. Even a short break could be helpful here.

However, if this dream image is accompanied by negative feelings while sleeping, from a psychological point of view this can also be an indication selfharming behaviour to be the dreamer. This arises from the depths of his soul and he should urgently deal with this behavior.

Dream symbol “Sadomaso” – the spiritual interpretation

Viewed from a transcendent point of view, the dream symbol “Sadomaso” can refer to one Loss of control in spiritual matters, especially when the dreamer appears as the submissive part in the dream.

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