Saddle – dream interpretation

A saddle is a padded seat. With it, riding a horse, donkey or camel is easier and, above all, more comfortable for the rider. The side stirrups also make it easier to get on the animal.

In everyday life we ​​most often sit on a bicycle or motorcycle saddle. The saddle had great social importance in earlier centuries. This can be seen in many expressions that we still use today. Anyone who sits firmly in the saddle can be very secure in their professional or social position. To put someone in the saddle means to help that person to a position. The person helping is often referred to as the stirrup holder.

If someone dreams of a saddle, they may see themselves as a proud rider on horseback. The dream may have a real connection to horses. He may be happy to find some support on the saddle on the back of an animal. The emotions of the dreamer during the dream are informative for dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “saddle” – the general interpretation

Saddling a horse means imposing your own will on it. It has to obey the rider in the dream as in reality. This aspect plays an important role in dream interpretation because the dream symbol can be a symbol of power.

Especially if a woman dreams of a saddle, it can represent her desire sexual control be expressed. In men’s dreams, the dream symbol reflects the need to take one’s own life into one’s own hands. It is possible that the dreamer also sees himself as the person who has unpleasant feelings with the dream symbol “saddle”. Duties be burdened.

In dream interpretation, however, sitting firmly in the saddle is an indication of a secure life situation.

In popular dream interpretation, it depends on the context in which the dream symbol “saddle” appears. If it belongs to a stranger, fear can arise in the dream oppression expressed through another person. However, the dream symbol can also announce positive news or a surprising visit.

If the saddle hangs in the stable, the dreamer will gain in reputation. If he carries the dream symbol himself, someone has power over him. In dream interpretation, seeing the seat is a favorable omen for possible travel plans.

Anyone who sits in a saddle on a horse can be sure of the support of a good friend. If the dreamer falls out, the dream represents fickleness, failures and declining reputation.

Dream symbol “saddle” – the psychological interpretation

Psychologically, sitting in a saddle is an erotic and sensual experience. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol is directly related to riding. This movement is unconsciously associated with the sexual act. However, the saddle is also an expression of civilization and therefore the Mastery both the other person and your own urges.

If the saddle in the dream is the seat of a motorcycle, the dreamer probably unconsciously suffers from particularly strict and rigid control.

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, a slipping saddle is a warning signal from the subconscious that the dreamer is mentally disturbed Halt threatened to lose. If the saddle is unsuitable for the rider and horse, the dream symbol can embody the external living conditions that the dreamer unconsciously finds uncomfortable and inhibiting.

Dream symbol “saddle” – the spiritual interpretation

Putting the saddle on an animal in a dream indicates active, goal-oriented things Act there. The dreamer obviously has a plan and has already begun to realize it.

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “saddle” is to be understood as a request from the spiritual self to shape and direct one’s own existence.

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