Sacristy – dream interpretation

The sacristy is a side room of a church. This is where everything needed for the service is stored. For example, you can find vestments for the priests and altar boys, chalices, host bowls, candlesticks, communion wafers and sacramental wine as well as candles.

That’s why there are many cupboards in a sacristy that are used to store these equipment and clothes.

Sacristy - dream interpretation

Particularly valuable items are stored in a safe. The sacristy also serves as a preparation room for those involved in the service, such as priests, lectors or altar boys. The so-called sexton is responsible for the sacristy.

Dream symbol “sacristy” – the general interpretation

According to general dream analysis, the dream symbol “sacristy” can be a family celebration to announce. Even if the dreamer is in a sacristy while sleeping, he will soon have festivities within the family. These will be pleasant and he will have a few happy hours.

Seen as a side room of a church, the dream image of the sacristy can also indicate that the dreamer is looking for an answer. In the real world he finds himself in a life situation in which he wants to guide longs or seeks meaning in his life. Anyone who sees themselves sleeping in a sacristy as a priest should be prepared to act responsibly in their waking life.

If the dreamer observes a priest putting on his robe in the sacristy while he is sleeping, this can indicate a time of transition or change that the sleeping person is currently experiencing.

If equipment necessary for church services is seen in a sacristy in a dream, the corresponding dream symbols should also be used. Hosts can, for example, symbolize a higher spiritual orientation, which should flow into the dreamer’s life.

Dream symbol “sacristy” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees the symbol “sacristy” in close connection with the dream symbol “church”. Therefore, a dream about a sacristy can draw attention to the attitude towards one’s own and other religions. The dreamer should deal with this more closely in the waking world.

Since the vestments and utensils necessary for church services are stored in a sacristy, one should pay close attention to whether such items are also seen in dreams. From this you can derive further interesting clues about the message of the dream.

For example, if you see a chalice and a bowl with wafers on a table while you are sleeping, the dream content can refer to this Female or even indicate conception.

If the dreamer locks the valuable church objects in a safe or a cupboard in the sacristy, he often wants to hide his own religious views from other people or keep them inside. Because the sleeper fears ridicule from other people.

Dream symbol “sacristy” – The spiritual interpretation

On the transcendent level of dream interpretation, the symbol of the sacristy in the dream can invite the sleeper to deal with what is happening to him important and corresponds to his fundamental views.

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