Saber – dream interpretation

A saber is a light cutting and stabbing weapon and was part of military equipment in Europe from the 17th century. The weapon is ground on one side and can cause serious injuries due to the typical curvature. Until the twentieth century, sabers were an attribute of fighting student associations in Germany. Today, the weapon, which is similar to a sword, is still used primarily in sport fencing. In addition, the often artfully crafted sabers are sought-after collector’s items.

A dream about a saber can be scary or exciting, depending on whether the dreamer feels threatened or whether he is just looking at the weapon. Perhaps he admires the craftsmanship and cut of the blade. If the dreamer holds the saber in his hand, he may want to defend himself. The exact context of the dream is therefore of central importance for dream interpretation.

Frequent dreams about the symbol

The dream of the machete – a dangerous sleeping experience?

Similar to a saber, a machete can be a dangerous weapon that can cause serious injury. The machete, with its sharp blade that is up to three millimeters thick, is also known in this country as a bush knife.
If you dream of a machete, it can be quite frightening. But the dreamer should understand this dream symbol above all as a warning to go through life more attentively. Maybe there are dangers that he doesn’t yet know about. It is also possible that the dreaming person has to defend himself against accusations or prejudices from others. This is particularly likely if you are attacked with a machete by someone else in the dream world. If the dreamer is the one who attacks his counterpart with a machete, this dream experience indicates subconscious aggression, perhaps also suppressed feelings of anger, which should urgently be dealt with. If, on the other hand, the dreamer holds the machete calmly and firmly in his hand, this dream image is a sign of vigilance, strength and inner balance.

Suddenly he stabs! The attack with the saber in the dream

A real nightmare is to dream of attacking with a saber. But as is so often the case in dream research, the interpretation of this dream experience depends on the exact circumstances.
If you are attacked by another person with a saber in a dream, this is a sign that the dreamer may be plagued by great worries. An internal imbalance or stress symptoms can also be responsible for the appearance of this dream image. However, if the dreamer emerges from the attack with the saber uninjured, it is possible that he will be able to fight adversaries or enemies in the waking world.
The situation is different if the dreaming person is the attacker. This is a sign of aggressiveness. The sleeper may be dissatisfied with his life, but cannot change his unfortunate situation. The resulting feeling of powerlessness is shown in the dream by the attack with the saber, whereby the dreamer subconsciously tries to get rid of all stressful thoughts and feelings through the knife attack.

Dream symbol “saber” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “saber” encourages the dreamer to defend. He may have to defend himself against false accusations or unfair treatment in real life. The dream symbol may also make the dreamer aware of the situation in the first place.

The dream also calls for perseverance in order to achieve a desired goal. In dream interpretation, fighting with a saber is an expression of courage and an energetic approach. The dreamer will fight his way.

However, if he blindly hits others with a weapon in the dream, the dream symbol is more of a sign of an oppressed situation. In addition, carrying the saber can be the dreamer’s own, according to the dream interpretation aggressiveness clarify. The dream symbol makes it clear to him that he could provoke an opponent that he is no match for.

If the dreamer is threatened or wounded with a saber, the dream symbol announces worries according to popular dream interpretation. At the same time, the dream indicates that it is possible to defeat adverse circumstances or hostile people.

If the dream is in love in real life, an injury with the dream symbol “saber” can be a symbol of a dream according to the dream interpretation Pledge of love be understood, which the dreamer will soon receive. If the dreamer injures himself with the weapon in the dream, he is responsible for the heartbreak that he will suffer.

If the blade of the saber is sharp, this heralds a win or that in dream interpretation Succeed of a project. If it appears dull, the dreamer is struggling with something in vain. As a dream symbol, a broken saber warns of failure and asks the dreamer not to pursue a plan any further.

Dream symbol “saber” – the psychological interpretation

A saber is a weapon that is used in duel and can penetrate the body. Against this background, the dream symbol “saber” is in the psychological interpretation of dreams as an expression of male sexuality to understand.

In each individual case it depends on whether the dreamer is a man or a woman, and also on how he feels about his own sexuality. The dream can be an expression of both the fear of penetration and the desire for it.

For younger dreamers, the dream symbol often expresses the urge for erotic adventures. In a broader sense, however, the saber also represents one in dream interpretation aggressive act. The dreamer suffers unconsciously from his life situation, which he can only change to a limited extent. The subconscious compensates for this feeling of powerlessness with the dream symbol, in that everything that burdens the dreamer can be removed with the saber in the dream.

Dream symbol “saber” – the spiritual interpretation

Like any weapon, a saber can be used for both offense and defense. Wearing it requires a high level of responsibility.

For the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol represents the mental power which the dreamer should use wisely and carefully.

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