Runny nose – dream interpretation

A simple cold is one of the simpler illnesses, even though it can usually throw us off track quite a bit. Sometimes the runny nose is just a symptom of a cold. In this case, the cold, together with other symptoms, affects our entire body, and a cold spray can be quite helpful.

Against this background, when interpreting the dream symbol “runny nose” you should always ask yourself whether it was seen as an individual illness or as a symptom of another illness. If necessary, additional dream symbols must then be used for an expanded dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “runny nose” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, dreaming of a cold can be a physical cause have. Maybe the dreamer is sick himself or someone close to him has a cold. If this is the case, the dream symbol simply refers to the experiences of the day, which the dreamer processes in his sleep.

However, if there is no physical cause for the dream symbol “runny nose”, it can be interpreted as follows. The general dream interpretation then sees the runny nose in the dream as an indication of something that is about to happen annoyances. The dreamer will have to prepare for arguments or other inconveniences in his family area in the near future.

Sometimes the dream symbol “runny nose” also warns of difficulties in the waking world. Dreaming should be careful of these. In addition, a cold can be a dream symbol of oppressed people Feelings of anger refer. The dreamer cannot properly express his true feelings in the waking world. That’s why he closes them inside himself, but this can make him sick or harm him in the long run.

If you have hay fever in your dream due to heavy pollen, you would like to implement ideas in the waking world that can promote further personal development.

Dream symbol “sniffles” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the dream symbol “runny nose” as a sign of a strong one Frustration of the dreamer. He’s literally “fed up” in the waking world. The dreamer sees himself in waking life in a situation that is clearly too much for him. He doesn’t know how to act in this situation and how to free himself from it.

From a psychological point of view, the cold in the dream can also indicate that someone is not very open-minded Character of the dreaming. He finds it difficult to make contact with other people in his waking life and shows a rather cold behavior.

If the dreamer sees himself in the dream with a handkerchief, he should realize that the people in the waking world are consciously keeping a little distance from him.

Sometimes the runny nose can be a dream symbol internal conflicts or symbolize the dreamer’s fears in the waking world. He is not at peace with himself and this mental imbalance is now expressed in a dream about a cold. But just as the cold has healed after a certain amount of time, the dreamer will also be able to resolve his inner conflicts or conquer his fears. This will bring him back into an inner state of harmony.

Dream symbol “sniffles” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “runny nose” is a sign of a spiritual dissatisfaction of the dreamer.

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