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A dark country road where two eyes suddenly appear glowing in the dark, screeching tires, a loud crash and the shock of what has happened – hitting a deer, let alone a person, is probably every driver’s nightmare. As convenient as the car is as a means of transport, it is also dangerous. not just for wild animals, but also for people who drive in traffic every day. It’s not for nothing that we are taught to look carefully to the left and right before crossing a street.

The motif appears in many thrillers and horror films when someone is trying to get out of the way and a car suddenly rushes towards them at high speed, or the main characters are haunted for years by the consequences of their traffic accident because someone died. Hit-and-runs are often committed and the perpetrator first has to be tracked down by the police.

If someone is run over in a dream, it is crucial for the dream interpretation who gets hit by the wheels. Is the dreaming perpetrator or victim? Are there other people involved? These questions provide the first clues to the interpretation of this dream symbol.

In the following interpretation texts you will now find out everything about dream situations in connection with being run over, which very often occur while you are sleeping. If you can’t find your dream description here, just look further down on this page for the general dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “run over” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Accident with injuries – shocking even in a dream

If you dream of running over someone, it is a positive sign for your real life path. The sleeper has chosen a direction that he should maintain if people are run over in his dream. Even if obstacles arise in reality, the dreamer overcomes them and will be successful. The dream image “someone is being run over” can symbolize helplessness. Perhaps others influence the person affected too much in real life.

Horrible dreams in which a child is run over

A child is run over, a real horror dream

The fact that you ran over a child in your dream experience can be a wake-up call. In reality, some situations require more sensitivity and caution. In most cases, seeing someone being run over in a dream world is a good sign for the life plan you have been pursuing so far. Running over people while sleeping encourages the dreamer to believe in his goals. However, a child being run over at night calls for increased attention.

A car runs over the child in the dream

Dreaming that a child was hit by a car can be a very disturbing dream experience. It can signal to the dreamer that his freedom of action may be restricted in the near future because he is dependent on the help of other people. Afterwards, however, there could be a positive new beginning, so take heart!

The train hits a child – terrible! The dream analysis

It is a particularly tragic event if a child is hit by a train in a dream. However, this dream symbol is to be understood in a figurative sense and indicates that the dreaming person may have to say goodbye to some of their plans because they have proven to be an illusion. However, the dreamer should see this as an opportunity to get involved in new experiences.

It was murder… Getting run over on purpose in a dream

“Someone is trying to run me over” – anyone who has this thought of murder at night would do well to reflect. There may be traits that the sleeping person rejects when awake. Almost being run over in a dream is an invitation to make friends with the suppressed parts of your own personality in order to develop freely. Being run over in a dream often indicates that you are overwhelmed in reality.

How sad: animals rolled over in the dream world

Meow! The kitty as a victim in the dream accident

A run-over cat as a dream image is said to shake the sleeper awake. In real life, certain matters require his full attention. It is now important to collect your thoughts and act purposefully. In reality, if you keep drifting away from your actual plans and are too easily distracted, this can result in the failure of your personal goals. In reality, it is often enough to be less hectic.

A dog is run over in a dream – poor Wauwau

Especially if the sleeper drives the car himself and thereby injures a four-legged friend in the dreamed world, this is often a sign of real fear of loss. In the dream, a dog being run over indicates existing dissatisfaction. The dreamer may want more validation for his achievements. This search for recognition in reality also relates to either the job or the friendship level.

Vehicles that drive the dreamer over the edge

The car crash: dreaming about hitting a car

If you are the victim of a traffic accident while sleeping, this indicates an overwhelming burden. The person affected may feel overwhelmed by the tasks they have chosen themselves. If the sleeping person is run over by a car in the dream, this is an indication that while awake he wants to avoid the responsibility that has arisen.

If you recognize the driver of the accident car in the nighttime events, this person is probably connected to the real problems.

Attention, trucks! The rolling truck as a nightmare

Often, when you are awake, you already feel completely overwhelmed when you dream of being run over by a truck. The large vehicle in the dream symbolizes increasing stress and overwhelming worries from real life. These stressful problems in reality now threaten to overwhelm the dreamer, just as the so-called Brummi does in the sleeping experience.

Hit by the train… A bad dream accident

If you, as a sleeper, are run over by a train, this symbol is understood as a warning signal. A dangerous real-life situation was probably misjudged. If it is another person who is killed by the dream train, the dreamer should be careful in the near future: there may be someone who wants to harm the person affected.

Dream symbol “run over” – the general interpretation

Dreams with this symbol can initially be frightening and frightening. It is not uncommon for people to be fatally injured in dreams. But it is just a message from the subconscious that can be deciphered and can also mean positive things.

Anyone who runs over an animal or a person in a dream is possibly inattentive and should go through life with more awareness. The dream symbol can be one warning represent that the dream is behaving carelessly and endangering one’s own integrity or health.

If other people are involved in the accident, this may indicate that the dream is moving away from you patronized or feels asked to perform dangerous actions that he would not carry out on his own. Since an accident often symbolizes a blockage, the people involved could also prevent him from making personal progress.

If, after the terrible experience of running over something or someone, the dreamer finds himself in a pleasant situation, for example in the middle of a dreamed family or at work, the dream can be interpreted very positively:

The act of running over then represents overcoming inner obstacles that prevent the dreamer from achieving his goals in life. Mostly these are fears of the change. By heading straight for the blockade and driving over it, he faces his fear in the dream.

If you are run over in a dream, be it by a car, a train or even a steamroller, this indicates that Overwhelm there. You have found yourself in life circumstances that you do not feel able to cope with. There is also the fear of too much responsibility at play here, which you have saddled yourself with and which you now believe you cannot do justice to. The result is helplessness and passivity.

Anyone who is run over in a dream should therefore ask themselves what is too much for them in life and what makes them feel so run over. Maybe it’s relatives or colleagues who demand too much from you or don’t give you peace of mind with their wishes. If the sleeper can recognize the driver, this is a clear indication of who is putting the dreamer under such pressure.

If a man is run over in a dream, this indicates a fear of behaving too passively in a sexual sense.

Dream symbol “run over” – the psychological interpretation

Being run over or run over is often symbolized in dreams hidden fears, which the dreamer has to overcome (“run over”) in order to reach his goal, or which he does not feel up to and is taken over by. He perceives himself as helpless and at the mercy of others. Because he is not aware of his fear, the subconscious resorts to this powerful symbol and thus makes him aware of the need to face it and an inner one Blockade to overcome.

Running over someone can also be done in hidden ways aggressions indicate that appear in the dream. This willingness to use violence should be looked at more closely so that it can be steered into an orderly channel in waking life and actions that harm others do not occur.

If you are run over by a certain person or are incited to commit this violent act, it is best to take a closer look at your surroundings. Do you feel pressured or patronized by someone? Do you not dare to give your own needs more space and defend them against others?

The dream symbol being run over can also indicate a disproportion to the sexuality indicate. The own shoots have become independent and are beyond your control. Here it is important to moderate oneself in sexual terms and to regain control over the instinctual impulses.

Dream symbol “run over” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual terms, an accident does not exist any more than mere coincidence. The dream symbol “run over” therefore means the intervention of someone spiritual power.

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