run – dream interpretation

If you’re in a hurry, you have to run, hurry, dash or run. It is also said “take your legs in your hands”when you need to get somewhere quickly. Sometimes a race is also a sporting activity or a competition to see who can reach the finish line fastest.

These activities can also occur in the dream world. However, in order to correctly interpret these dreams, the details matter. Where do we run in dreams? Are we running after someone or are we sprinting because we are running away from someone?

Dream symbol “run” – the general interpretation

In dream research, a race is always interpreted as an indication of how the dreamer fares in waking life. If he runs a race on a racetrack in his sleep and wins it, perhaps beating a number of opponents, then he will be good in the waking world Confidence have.

If the dream sees itself running fast, this dream image is a sign of fears or feelings of not being of much value or of not doing enough. The person affected should work on this attitude, because every person has a value and their place in society – they just have to find it.

In general, this symbol can also be used in dream interpretation warning appear. The dreamer should not be hasty and should not be rushed into everything. The body must not be overstressed. If the dreamer is always running behind, then this situation indicates a missed opportunity in the waking world.

This dream image can also refer to that Risk point out that he might miss the connection somewhere. A race always carries the risk that others will want to challenge the dreamer’s success. However, if he wins the race, he can also defeat his opponents in waking life.

If the dreamer watches a race, dream research interprets this symbol as an indication of one Chance, where the dreamer has to decide quickly and sprint if he doesn’t want to miss it. If the dreamer observes athletes who run fast and overcome obstacles such as in hurdles or parkour, the person concerned is currently thinking very intensively about their own life situation. You go into the proverbial court with yourself and ask yourself how your own life appears from the outside.

If you can’t run and just can’t get anywhere in the dream, this usually symbolizes your own lack of motivation to achieve a goal. The dreamer probably avoids any effort that might be related to this.

Dream symbol “run” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets running while sleeping as a typical one Stress phase dream. The dreamer gets really out of breath. In his dream he runs constantly and sometimes it’s not clear why he does that at all.

Stressful phase dreams usually reflect this Pace of lifethat the dreamer has in the waking world. It is recorded in the dream and processed further. This then results in a race that physically exerts the dreamer even while he is sleeping. He feels rushed and stressed when he wakes up.

Such dreams are always as warning of the body that urgently needs a break to recover from everyday stress. One night’s sleep is no longer enough to compensate for the pace of the day. A fundamental change in the pace of life is necessary if the body is not to suffer long-term damage.

Dream symbol “run” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation, the race is a symbol of the CVwhich in this case has a high tempo.

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