Rose hip – dream interpretation

We refer to the fruit of various rose plants as rose hips. After the wild roses bloom in wonderful colors in the summer, bright red rose hips emerge from them in late summer, which are ideally harvested from September to November. The longer you let them ripen, the sweeter they taste.

Rose hip - dream interpretation

The flesh of the rose hip comes from the fleshy flower base and has a very high content of vitamin C, which is why the rose hip is considered a real vitamin bomb and is therefore used in numerous forms. Especially when the need for vitamin C is very high, such as with a cold, the fruit helps to strengthen the immune system. Here you use the shells of the rose hips to make a warming herbal tea.

Rosehip jam is also very popular in this country. However, you first have to remove the seeds from the fruit before processing, which can be a very unpleasant task as the seeds can cause itching on the skin. Some people might still be familiar with this effect as an itching powder, which was very popular when they were children. The seeds obtained in this way can also be used to produce rosehip oil, which is even used in medicine, for example for psoriasis and dry skin. In addition, the oil stimulates the skin’s ability to regenerate.

As inconspicuous as the fruit may seem at first, it can be used in many different ways. The rose hip can also be interpreted very differently in dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “rose hip” – the general interpretation

If you have dreamed of the dream image “rose hip”, this illustrates the possibly still unconscious desire for independence. The rosehip stands here as a symbol of self-chosen celibacy, which in a figurative sense can of course also apply to relationships without a marriage license. The dreamer here prefers solitude and being alone, and is perhaps even considered an “iron bachelor”.

If the dreamer sees himself enjoying eating rose hips in his dream world, he should exercise caution when it comes to financial transactions. Threatening here Loss and in the worst case, social impoverishment.

Dream symbol “rose hip” – the psychological interpretation

According to psychological dream research, the topic is also connected here Freedom and independence with the dream symbol “rose hip”. The dreamer prefers being alone to society because he may fear that he will not meet the demands of society.

Since the rose hip is also considered food, the person affected may feel inadequately nourished mentally and therefore feel very insecure and uncomfortable in the presence of other people.

But here too there are different interpretation options depending on the interpretation of the dream. The rose hip is the fruit that comes from the flowers of a wild rose. Roses are a symbol of purity and chastity, symbolize the feminine, love and sexuality.

If you see rose hips in front of you in your dream, they can be here personal development and show your own maturation process. Just as the rose has its time to bloom, the time of activity, the rose hip then represents a quieter phase in which maturing and mental growth goes.

Dream symbol “rose hip” – the spiritual interpretation

If the rose hip is not harvested, it remains firmly attached to the bush even in the cold winter. According to spiritual dream interpretation, this is where the invincible connects force of nature with this dream symbol.

In the past, the rose hip itself was considered a remedy against hexes and curses. They are also used to increase Energies in rituals a.

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