Rope – dream interpretation

You can use a rope to tie or tie something around. But you can also climb up on it or use it to lower yourself from something. Children play with a skipping rope and circus artists balance elegantly on a high wire. An elevator hangs on an extremely strong steel cable. A rope can also usually be found on a pulley system.

A rope or rope offers many uses. That’s why when interpreting the symbol “rope” it is very important to look not only at the dream symbol itself, but also at the circumstances surrounding it. What did you do with the rope in the dream? Has something been tied or perhaps untied? Were there knots in the rope or was it slippery? Was it old or new rope?

Dream symbol “rope” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “rope” as a reference to an emotional or sexual one Dependency. This bondage in the waking world is so strong that the dreamer is afraid of it. Furthermore, the dream symbol should be understood as a warning that you should not commit yourself too quickly.

Anyone who sees a rope in a dream is generally asked to join forces with others. Only in this way can a specific goal be achieved. If the dreamer ties something in his dream with a rope or ties something up, he has to prepare himself in waking life for the fact that a hoped-for connection will not come about. Untying a rope in a dream is often understood as a request for more tolerance.

The sight of a taut rope in a dream shows the dreamer that he is facing dangerous situations in his waking life Risks lets in. He should be careful here. He may even fall into a trap. If the dreamer himself stretches a rope in his dream, he will try in vain to establish a connection with another person in the waking world. The general dream interpretation interprets climbing up a rope as a sign of defeating rivals. In addition, the dreamer will achieve his goals courageously and decisively. Abseiling, on the other hand, brings failures and disappointments in waking life.

If the dreamer is tied to ropes in his dream, he will have to renounce a love against his will. Cutting a rope in a dream indicates that the dreamer can easily overcome competition or enmity in the waking world.

Anyone who ties horses with a rope in a dream has possessions in waking life Power about other people. If the dreamer balances on a dream rope, he will engage in risks and speculation. But these will be successful. If the dreamer observes other people doing tightrope walking in the dream, he will enrich himself from the activities of others in his waking life.

In general dream interpretation, jumping rope in a dream symbolizes frightening colleagues through an almost insane act. Jumping rope with children as a dream symbol, however, shows that you yourself are authoritarian and selfish. If the dreamer catches a rope with his foot in the dream, he will be charitable at certain moments.

Dream symbol “rope” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, a binding or encircling rope in the dream is a symbol of the all-encompassing world of thought of the dreamer or for the dreamer’s longing for a solid one binding interpreted. If the dreamer is tied up with a rope by another person in his dream, this is seen as an indication of a certain bondage in an already existing connection.

Watching or taking part in pulling rope in a dream shows the dreamer his desire to agree with his partner in waking life or to pursue common interests. The psychological dream interpretation interprets dancing on a rope as a dream symbol to the effect that the dreamer is a Plan plans that could be difficult. If he even falls in a dream while walking on a tightrope, it would be better for him to abandon this endeavor. Because it would only harm him and plunge him into insoluble conflicts.

Dream symbol “rope” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, the dream symbol “rope” indicates that the dreamer has something in his life check or want to stick together.

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