Rodent – dream interpretation

Rodents belong to the group of mammals and are distributed worldwide. The main characteristic of every rodent are the two elongated front teeth in the upper and lower jaw. We have the most contact with the subspecies of hamsters, mice and rats. Some people also keep voles, chinchillas, lemmings, etc. as pets. Even more exotic specimens such as the flying squirrel (also called flying squirrel) or a chipmunk can be found in some households.

But regardless of this, occasionally we see a mouse or a rat. A shrew, however, is not a rodent, but rather an insect eater. More rarely, however, a naked mole rat appears in a dream, or a porcupine, which is just as much a rodent as a guinea pig, rabbit, marmot or squirrel. If they threaten to break into our houses, traps are often set up or poison is spread against rats, because very few people want to have them in their own four walls involuntarily.

Rodents can also appear to us in a less realistic form when we dream about them. It happens that we see a rodent here without being able to precisely identify its genus. Or we may also recognize that it is a specific rodent, such as a beaver. How can these creatures be interpreted as dream symbols?

Dream symbol “rodent” – the general interpretation

If rodents appear in a dream, this often indicates a restless sleep. The dreamer has difficulty relaxing and finding peace, completely detached from everyday life. If he sees a single rodent, it might bother him too guilty conscience. Has the person concerned behaved incorrectly or unfairly in the past? Then it would now be time to apologize for this in order to regain inner peace.

Certain rodents, such as the hamster, can act as a dream symbol and encourage you to move more generous to give and treat yourself to something. The affected person tends to be too frugal and neglect the fun and joy in life.

If the rodent seen in the dream is a mouse or a rat, perhaps in a rat trap, this also warns Trouble and disputes. It is possible that someone close to the dream has evil and dishonest intentions. You should think carefully about who you trust and who is even worth spending time with.

If such rodents follow a rat catcher in a dream, this can mean a warning about a false friend. If you catch the plague from a rodent in a dream, business matters in the waking world will develop negatively.

According to general opinion, a rodent can always do it in a positive sense fertility and embody sexual satisfaction.

Dream symbol “rodent” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the symbol “rodent” is used as a sign of inner Sorrow and concerns understood. Something is “gnawing” at the person affected. This can relate to your own financial situation, but also to emotional concerns. The dreamer may then be afraid of losing his life force. The more often a rodent is dreamed of, the more serious the difficulties, problems and negative emotions are, the more they burden and influence him in his everyday life.

Dream symbol “rodent” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation approach, a rodent embodies in a dream Reproduction and gluttony.

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