Rocking chair – dream interpretation

A rocking chair exudes grandfatherly comfort. You can move back and forth on the curved runners like on a swing. The original of this piece of furniture comes from the USA, where it was manufactured in the 17th century.

Rocking chair - dream interpretation

Today there are still classic rocking chairs made of wood or rattan as well as modern models made of metal tubes. Rocking chairs are even used to treat dementia, as the rocking movement apparently has a calming effect on patients.

Anyone who dreams of a rocking chair probably enjoys the relaxing rocking. But maybe he is also afraid that the chair might tip over. Or the dreamer has difficulty getting up from it because of the movement.

To interpret the dream, one should determine whether one is sitting comfortably or whether one feels uncomfortable in the rocking chair.

Dream symbol “rocking chair” – the general interpretation

According to dream interpretation, a chair says a lot about the social status of the sleeping person. However, swinging contentedly back and forth in a rocking chair in a dream is an expression inner satisfaction. The dreamer feels completely comfortable in his current life situation and also sees his future and his age very positively.

The dream symbol “rocking chair” shows that friendships and familiarity in his relationships are extremely important to him. However, according to dream analysis, you should make sure that the pleasant feeling of life that comes from the dream image is not in Convenience and complacency turns. Because this state leads to passivity and stagnation.

For popular dream interpretation it is also significant if the dreamer is not sitting in the rocking chair. If a woman who is close to you is rocking in it, the dream image announces the highest sensual pleasures. A empty rocking chair On the other hand, it is a dream symbol for sadness or alienation, for which the dreamer himself is responsible.

Incidentally, the dream image can be a request to allow yourself more rest and relaxation in real life. The dreamer may value work above all else. The rocking chair in the dream reminds him that he needs some relaxation every now and then. However, according to dream analysis, sitting in a rocking chair can also express fear of an impending challenge and inner resistance to it.

Dream symbol “rocking chair” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, an ordinary chair is a sign of very limited breaks. However, a rocking chair is as comfortable as an armchair and therefore, as a dream symbol, also represents the desire for one quiet life, which doesn’t place too many demands on the sleeper.

The dreamer is probably a personality who likes to be looked after by others. With the dream, the subconscious warns him to be more willing to perform, because without this he will achieve nothing.

According to dream analysis, the swaying movement of the dream symbol “rocking chair” can also draw attention to childish character traits. The rocking back and forth is a reminder of that Trost which one received in childhood and now perhaps needs again.

With the help of the rhythmic movement in the rocking chair, the sleeper also establishes the connection to his life in the dream mental center here. If you sit uncomfortably or are afraid of falling out of the rocking chair, the dream symbol is a signal for inner tension and exhaustion.

Dream symbol “rocking chair” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, a rocking chair creates a connection to previous experiences. At the same time, moving forward expresses desire, while rocking back symbolizes hesitation. The dream symbol is therefore a symbol for one crossing as well as for fertility.

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