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Animals, often horses and camels, but also yaks, have been used by humans to move around for a very long time. Even though other things are usually used to get around today, such as bicycles, cars, buses or trains, riding is still a popular sport. Many people enjoy the closeness and bond with the animal.

It is also possible to dream about riding. These dreams can say a lot about the person affected and their real life.

Dream symbol “ride” – the general interpretation

In general, riding a horse in a dream can indicate something negative. The person concerned may be at risk of one in the near future illness or a Loss. He should try to prepare for difficult times in advance.

If you ride very slowly in a dream or can’t get along with the animal, this can also be an indication of something to come soon professional failures and understand bad business. However, the opposite applies if you ride very quickly and the dreamer feels joy: This in turn heralds quick wealth and success.

In addition, according to the general interpretation, a distinction must be made as to which animal the person concerned rode in the dream. If it was a horse, such as a stallion, this may indicate a vain and self-centered personality Clues.

Riding on a cute foal represents joy of life and happiness. A donkey announces that the dreamer will be laughed at without there being a specific reason.

Both riding an elephant and riding a camel can also be used for… adventure and big trips that the person concerned will soon experience. In addition, the camel also shows endurance and consistency with which goals can be achieved.

However, anyone who rides an ox or a cow in a dream should view this as an invitation to define their own goals more clearly. The person affected doesn’t know what he actually wants and has it orientation lost in life.

As a dream image, riding a mythical creature such as a dragon often means that the sleeping person becomes master of his or her energies; He can control his aggression well and direct his emotions.

If you ride a horse in a dream with only a halter and reins, this can refer to successful times that will probably soon come to the dreamer.

Dream symbol “ride” – the psychological interpretation

Psychologically, riding a horse in a dream can have a Travel symbolize that will help the person affected to bring new clarity into their life.

In addition to this possible meaning, a sexual aspect very often plays a role in the dream symbol. In this case, riding represents your own sexual urges and needs.

Anyone who has control over the animal they ride also leads a restrained and controlled sex life in real life. Eroticism is important for the dreamer, but he always has his urges under control.

According to psychological opinion, the opposite applies if the dreamer cannot control the horse, it gallops wildly or even runs away. This suggests too much eroticism Uninhibitedness of the person concerned. He should urgently try to control himself and his needs more and not let his sexuality control him alone.

Dream symbol “ride” – the spiritual interpretation

On a spiritual level, the dream symbol “ride” symbolizes the original life force and life energy. Riding a unicorn in a dream can be seen as a symbol of unconditional love.

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