Reuse – dream interpretation

A fish trap is a fishing device that is permanently set up at one location. There are bird traps, which are used to catch birds, and fish traps, which are used to catch fish and other aquatic animals. There are also the so-called newt traps. These are used to detect amphibians in specific locations.

Fish traps have been around for a very long time, probably since the Mesolithic period. In their original form, these were built from stones or sticks in the water to guide the fish into a tank. The entrance was designed in such a way that the fish could get in but not out.

Even today, fish trap systems are still built in a similar way. However, fish traps are now available ready-made in the form of special baskets. These usually have a cone or barrel shape. Their material is usually a wickerwork made of wire, net or basket. In addition, plastic is often used today.

In addition, in many cases the fish traps are adapted to the type of fish to be caught. The most common are fishing gear for eels.

Dream symbol “reuse” – the general interpretation

The general dream analysis interprets the dream of a fish trap primarily as a warning to the dreamer. He should be honest and honest in the waking world stay honest and do not indulge in what is forbidden.

If you see a caught fish in such a net in a dream, you should usually realize that in reality you feel like you are tied up in a situation. The person affected is often in this situation no room for maneuver and must bow to the will of others. If a fisherman checks his fish trap while sleeping, you should often take a closer look at his surroundings. Because there seem to be people here who want to harm you.

A wire fish trap can be seen as a dream image of obstacles or difficulties indicate what will possibly come to the dreamer. A plastic fish trap while sleeping can illustrate the steadfastness and reliability of the person concerned.

If the fish trap has a barrel shape in the dream, generally speaking in the waking world it often means keeping calm and being careful. Because maybe you have one damaging influence not yet noticed.

Dream symbol “reuse” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “reuse” can be interpreted similar to a fishing net. Because anyone who dreams of such a fishnet usually longs to finally find the right partner and one fulfilling partnership respectively.

If the dreamer catches fish with a trap in his sleep, he is often said to have his fish sexual desires become aware of what he would like to live out with the right partner. If you set up a fish trap in the water yourself, this can encourage self-analysis. You should think about your personality and your desires.

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, an eel trap can be a possible dream image New beginning or illustrate changes in the real world. A trap for a newt in its sleep often indicates internal events that should be looked into more closely.

However, if you see a bird trap in your dream, you may receive a request to Quiet and to bring structure into his soul. Because it seems to be in disarray at the moment.

Dream symbol “Reuse” – the spiritual interpretation

If something is caught in a fish trap in a dream, from a spiritual perspective this can reflect the dreamer’s desire for one Recording of spiritual knowledge and insights.

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