Repair – dream interpretation

While in earlier times it was a given to repair things so that they could be used for a longer period of time, repairs, depending on the item, are almost a rarity in today’s throwaway society.

Certainly, especially with expensive things, such as a car or an expensive electrical appliance such as a washing machine, people still invest in repairs. If the roof of a house is no longer in order, scaffolding is erected and the building is renovated. When it comes to small things, or especially when it comes to clothing, things are thrown away more quickly than they are painstakingly mended. Most people waste their time here, as a new purchase often only costs a few euros. In addition, perhaps very few people know how to properly darn a hole or even just sew on a button.

But what does it mean when a repair appears in a dream? Is this perhaps a reminder that something actually needs to be fixed? Or is there a completely different message behind it?

Dream symbol “repair” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the repair as a dream image can refer to the dreamer’s desire for rest or relaxation. In addition, mending in the dream can indicate that you have a certain condition in life restore want.

You may also want to consider changes in a specific area of ​​your life. The exact meaning usually depends on the current living conditions. If the dreamer repairs something in his dream, he often wants to do so in his interpersonal relationships Harmony produce and finally deal with failures.

If you see another person, such as a craftsman, a carpenter or a mechanic, doing repairs in your dream, you will probably soon find someone to help you with the demands of your life supports and supports him. Because the person affected longs for a certain normality in their life, which they will hardly be able to achieve on their own.

If repairs are made during sleep by gluing, this can, according to general dream analysis, be due to the Connection refer to other people to whom the dreamer wants to hold on in the waking world. If restoration is achieved in a dream by mending or darning, one will probably only be successful after some effort.

In many cases, the sight of tools that are needed to eliminate defects can be seen as a sign Luck and success are viewed. In this context, power tools can also point to opportunities that should be exploited.

Dream symbol “repair” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees the dream symbol “repair” as a symbol for oneself personality aspect of the sleeping person. This character trait is responsible for ensuring that things turn out favorably in life. Troubleshooting in a dream can also illustrate the awareness of a mistake in the waking world that the person concerned no longer wants to make in the future.

Repairing an apartment or house can be done while you sleep Himself of the dreaming with all its different aspects. The dream usually contains a warning to take care of all the components and not just a few.

If you see a watchmaker troubleshooting a defective watch, you may be facing changes in which your own skills will be helpful. If the sleeper takes his vehicle to a workshop for repairs after a breakdown, this can psychologically reflect his longing affection and interpret attention.

For the psychological interpretation of the dream image, it is also of interest what should be repaired in the dream. Because further insights into the meaning can be derived from this. Therefore, think carefully about where repairs were necessary. Did you perhaps see a broken sink or was your toaster broken? Did the cordless screwdriver suddenly stop working or did you have to have your shoes repaired?

Dream symbol “repair” – the spiritual interpretation

On the transcendent level of dream analysis, the dream symbol “repair” can be seen as that Be aware of the dreaming can be understood that he is equipped with the right spiritual tools to be able to successfully master certain situations in the waking world.

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