Renovation – dream interpretation

Anyone who owns a house or apartment is certainly aware of the need for smaller or larger repairs. The main purpose of a renovation is to remove signs of wear and tear from normal use so that the original or even better condition is achieved. For some jobs, a minor renovation is enough, for others it becomes a real construction site.

So-called cosmetic repairs, such as wallpapering or painting when moving into a new apartment, can also be referred to as renovation. These repairs are carried out not only by owners but also by tenants in their homes.

We can also encounter renovation or modernization on the dream level. If you are dealing with this topic in the waking world, such a dream is hardly surprising. After all, real events are often processed in dreams. But if this is not the case, what can the dream symbol mean?

Dream symbol “renovation” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, a renovation occurs in a dream auspicious symbol The dreamer’s future plans and intentions in waking life will develop well. Anyone who makes repairs to their house in a dream can look forward to good friends and gratitude.

To interpret the dream symbol “renovation,” you should also take a closer look at what is being rebuilt or repaired in the dream. The expansion or renovation of an old house as a dream image, for example, heralds one Visit, which will take place in the near future. Overhauling a bathroom in a dream can suggest that something inside the sleeper needs cleaning. Your own parents’ house can also appear here.

Furthermore, according to general dream analysis, the person who carries out the renewal in his sleep should be used for the interpretation. Is it the dreamer himself or another person, such as his own father or uncle? Or perhaps you commissioned a tradesman, such as a plumber or carpenter, to do the renovation?

In addition, the tool used during a renovation and seen in the dream also offers further interpretation approaches. Therefore, it can be helpful for dream analysis to deal with the aspects of these dream symbols. A cordless screwdriver in a dream, for example, can encourage you to strengthen an existing relationship. A spatula, on the other hand, usually involves a lot of effort.

Dream symbol “renovation” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “renovation” similarly to the dream image “build”. Therefore, a dream in which a refurbishment or modernization is carried out can be seen as a reference to one’s own body or the personal identity be understood. The dreamer should deal with this in the waking world in order to gain a deeper insight into his inner self.

Anyone who observes the restoration of a picture in their dream or carries it out themselves often receives a message from their unconscious. The sleeping person should have one in the waking world Self-analysis to get back into harmony with yourself.

Dream symbol “renovation” – the spiritual interpretation

On the transcendent level of dream interpretation, the symbol “renovation” is viewed as an indication that something is happening in the dreamer’s life Restoration or needs a refresher. What this is about can usually be found out by analyzing the current living conditions in the waking world.

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