Relief – dream interpretation

In the visual arts, the term “relief” refers to a work of art that is raised out of a surface or a body or is recessed into it. As an art form, relief lies between painting and sculpture.

Depending on the degree of elevation, different types of relief are distinguished. There is the low relief, the half relief and the high relief. The sunken relief, in which the figures or lines are worked into the base as a “hollow shape”, is rather rare to find.

This way of processing a material is very old. The Egyptians already immortalized their stories and texts on objects and walls; Reliefs can still be found in ancient temple remains, pyramids and obelisks today.

In addition to stone and wood, metals such as bronze, copper, silver or gold can also be used as materials for a relief. But relief art can also be used with easily perishable materials, such as chocolate or paper.

Dream symbol “relief” – the general interpretation

At the general level of dream interpretation, viewing a relief in a dream can artistic inclination of the dreaming. This may also reflect a desire to turn more to one’s creative side or to live out it.

Anyone who destroys a relief in their dream is acting carelessly and maliciously in the waking world. However, this behavior will harm him and he will bring shame to himself. If the relief is viewed in the sense of an image emerging from the surface, this can be seen as one warning be understood before an illness or disaster.

According to general dream analysis, if you create a relief yourself in a dream with a hammer and chisel, it should show you that you want to force a solution to a certain matter by force. If you see yourself as a sculptor or stonemason while you sleep, working on a relief, the sleeper will Changes in the professional area.

Anyone who creates a relief out of marble longs for stability in their life. The dreamer would like to “carve all the circumstances into stone” so that they remain unchanged forever. However, the person affected should realize that everything in life is subject to certain changes.

Dream symbol “relief” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the relief can be interpreted as a dream image in such a way that the dreamer is shown his abilities in… communicative area should become aware. He should deal with these more closely in his waking life.

If you see unknown relief figures in a dream, this can indicate a certain isolation on the part of the dreamer. Familiar people in relief, on the other hand, can indicate an insufficient connection to people in one’s own environment.

A sculpture in a relief as a dream image can do that Ideal image of the dreamer in relation to another person who is very important to him. However, the sleeper should not lose sight of reality and should not judge this person only by his or her own ideal image, as this would almost inevitably lead to problems.

If the dreamer sees faces in relief in a mountain or a mountain range while sleeping, this can be the case Longing symbolize getting to know another person better. Geometric relief shapes as dream symbols symbolize the person concerned’s understanding of abstract thinking. Anyone who sees a relief on a medallion in their dream should be careful and vigilant in the waking world.

Dream symbol “relief” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the transcendent dream analysis, the symbol “relief” can be used as a symbol of the immortality of a higher spiritual truth be considered.

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