Reindeer – dream interpretation

Reindeer belong to the deer family and are considered the subspecies that live in northernmost regions, such as the Russian or Finnish tundra. Another striking feature is that unlike other species of deer, not only the male has antlers, but the females also have them.

In our culture, reindeer have a special meaning, especially during Advent, as they pull Santa Claus’ sleigh in the Christmas stories.

When a reindeer appears to us in a dream, this can happen in different contexts: either we see a reindeer in the wild or a stylized one flying, pulling Santa Claus’ sleigh. The interpretation of the reindeer as a dream symbol depends on such circumstances.

Dream symbol “reindeer” – the general interpretation

According to popular belief, a reindeer can in a dream hard times to announce. This applies above all to everyday professional life. The person affected is faced with many problems and difficulties. Maybe he doesn’t even know where his head is anymore and which developments he should take care of first.

However, the dreamed reindeer also shows that the lack of support in the job is compensated for by the social environment. Dreaming can be in the circle of friends and family Support leave. Here he always finds someone to talk to and discuss professional problems. It is important that the person affected learns to appreciate the loyalty of those around them so that they can continue to be there for others in the future when they need their help.

A reindeer can also indicate a feeling of overload if it appears in a dream in a Christmas context. If reindeer pull Santa Claus’ sleigh in the dreamed situation, this also allows conclusions to be drawn about critical behavioral patterns of the person concerned. In this case he does not take refuge in the lap of his social environment, but rather denies his own Overwhelm. He may tend to ignore difficulties and close himself off. The dreamer should think about whether he should better face challenges in the future in order to grow from them.

Dream symbol “reindeer” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the symbol “reindeer” refers to this social behavior of the person affected. Depending on the exact circumstances in the dream, it shows how the person concerned acts in their relationship and how they fundamentally relate to the opposite sex.

If it is a positive reindeer dream, psychoanalysts believe that you are in a harmonious balance. Negative feelings, on the other hand, warn of a mismatch and disagreement.

Dream symbol “reindeer” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation approach, a reindeer also shows depth in a dream Friendships an.

Sometimes, however, the reindeer can also be in front of you Loss of the forces to warn. This is especially true for dreams in which a reindeer sleigh is seen or driven by oneself.

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