Regatta – dream interpretation

The term “regatta” refers to sporting races that take place in the water. Regattas can be found, for example, in sailing, rowing, canoe racing or windsurfing.

The regatta originally comes from Venice. Because that was the name given to the gondola race on the city’s canals. From the 18th century onwards, however, this term was generally used to refer to a boat race.

But what can a regatta bring with it as a dream symbol for a message? What does she want to draw the dreamer’s attention to?

Dream symbol “regatta” – the general interpretation

Viewed from a general point of view, the dream image “regatta” primarily refers to new tasks or new work. You will get this by visiting a foreign place. Such a boat race in a dream can also indicate difficulties that one will get into due to one’s own vanity.

Racing a boat while sleeping can be attributed to a quick action in a problematic situation. If you are standing at the steering wheel of the boat in the dream, you should think about a decision you have just made. Because you may have taken the wrong path here.

According to general dream analysis, a rowing regatta as a dream image refers to the hard work, which the dreamer does for his advancement and success in the waking world. If the dreamer watches a sailing regatta in his sleep, he is asked to use his energy resources wisely.

If the dreamer wins a regatta and therefore receives a trophy, his achievements and abilities in waking life will be recognized by others accepted become. He may even actually receive an award for his work. However, if you lose such a race in a dream, it can indicate that the sleeper currently has little influence on his or her success in life. He is dependent on other things or people at the moment.

Dream symbol “regatta” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees the regatta as a dream image similar to a race. That’s why such a dream can affect you competition in the professional area. In the waking world, the dreamer feels like he has to prove himself against a rival. Whether he will be successful in reality can usually be seen from a victory or a defeat in the dream.

If a sailing competition is a dream image, the wind and the water in the dream should also be used for further information. A gentle wind that allows the ship to move quickly can occur in this dream situation satisfaction of the dreamer with his life. A strong wind or a storm often symbolizes passion in certain projects.

Calm waters in a dream illustrate a calm state of mind and spirit in the sleeper. Also inner harmony can show up in this dream image. On the other hand, turbulent or dark water can indicate a mental imbalance.

Dream symbol “regatta” – the spiritual interpretation

Within the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the symbol “regatta” is understood as a hint to the dreamer that he can find his way safely in the “sea of ​​his life” and get there quickly Goal will arrive.

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