Reed – dream interpretation

Reed, or rather the reed, is a marsh plant. This can grow up to four meters high and reproduces very strongly. Often an entire “reed population” is caused by just a single plant.

Reed - dream interpretation

The reeds provide protection and refuge for numerous birds. If the reed finds favorable conditions, it shows great dominance and quickly displaces other grasses and wild herbs.

The reed can be found primarily in slow-flowing waters, but also in spring bogs and moorland meadows. Canes are also made from reeds.

Dream symbol “reed” – the general interpretation

Within the general interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “reed” wants to show the dreamer that he can adapt very well to the respective living conditions in the waking world.

This Adjustment However, it does not occur due to weakness or insecurity. On the contrary, the dreamer acts wisely and thoughtfully in waking life. In addition, thanks to his ability to adapt, he does not neglect himself. It is clear to him that this is only a temporary behavior. The dreamer only bows to the circumstances until he can change them.

If the flexibility of the plant is in the foreground in a dream about reeds, the general dream interpretation sees this as a request to the dreamer to adapt more in waking life. Stubbornly sticking to his position will not get him anywhere in his current situation. Like the reed in a dream, it should adapt to the circumstances.

In some cases, the dream symbol “reed” can also be understood as a sign of the dreamer’s indecision in certain matters.

Anyone who observes reeds in their dream should be careful careless actions guard in the waking world. Because he will only harm himself. The dreamer should also exercise caution towards his friends, as not all of them are loyal to him. That’s why he should think carefully about who he can really trust in waking life. Sometimes the dream symbol “reed” generally refers to a rival in matters of love.

Dream symbol “reed” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams also interprets the reed as a dream symbol as a symbol of a great one flexibility of the dreamer.

At the same time, this dream symbol also comes with a warning against unreliability and indecision. The dreamer should not behave like “the reed in the wind”, but should also stand by his views and opinions. The reed as a dream symbol is interpreted by psychological dream interpretation as a male sexual symbol.

If the dreamer stands in the middle of the reeds in his dream, he becomes an immediate and decisive action called upon in the waking world. Because he is currently in a dangerous situation from which he should escape quickly.

If the dreamer cuts the reed in the dream and brings it ashore, it is shown to him that he has already recognized the danger of his situation. He knows he has to act and is in the process of freeing himself. Afterwards he will be able to successfully continue on his life’s path again.

Dream symbol “reed” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “reed”, seen as a plant, points to the life cycle and the Life energy of the dreamer.

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