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Reading is one of many people’s favorite pastimes. Browsing through a book is relaxing, stimulates the imagination and often stimulates one’s own thoughts. Whether classic literature, crime novels, poetry, magazines or newspapers, we read in many situations: on vacation, on the train or in bed in the evening. For every school child, the process of learning to read is a drastic life change: from now on they can understand texts independently and thus develop further skills. Anyone who studies has to read a lot in order to prepare for the upcoming exams or to write their final thesis.

Depending on the reading, a dream about reading can arouse romantic feelings, such as a poem, create tension or amuse you. Perhaps the dreamer needs glasses or a monocle to read and has to look for them first. The content of what the dreamer reads is particularly important for dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “read” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “read” represents the longing for another world and for expanding one’s spiritual horizons. Engaging with written concepts and ideas is generally peaceful and relaxing. The dreamer can come across one while reading Journey of the mind go and find yourself.

If you have to decipher strange writing in a dream, the dream symbol indicates that you have to risk something in order to get rid of rivals or enemies.

The type of reading plays a crucial role in dream interpretation. Books alert the dreamer to the fact that his work is currently stalling and that he still has a lot to learn. Anyone who reads a letter or a newspaper in a dream will soon find out news. According to dream interpretation, reading a list, for example for shopping, shows the need for more Order in life.

A dream in which the dreamer has yet to learn to read is particularly revealing, perhaps because he sees himself as a child. In popular dream interpretation, the dream symbol in this case warns of a business standstill. Because not being able to read also means disadvantages in all other areas.

In addition, one leaves lack of reading ability In the dream you can draw conclusions about personal fears, because for many people, learning to read and write is associated with mental pressure.

Dream symbol “read” – the psychological interpretation

For the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “read” is a symbol of active remembering. You write something down as a memory aid or you want to communicate something to others. For the subconscious, reading in dreams is a way to review previous experiences. With the help of this Memory The psyche can subsequently find explanations for the current situation and solutions to acute problems.

In addition, reading a book embodies according to dream interpretation Thirst for knowledge and the willingness to engage with and learn from the ideas of others. If the dreamer is reading a novel, the dream symbol shows that he is gifted with imagination.

Reading a crime novel can indicate that the dreamer longs for excitement and entertainment in real life. If you read a non-fiction book in a dream, this indicates a personality who places great value on education and information.

Dream symbol “read” – the spiritual interpretation

On the transcendent level, reading is a metaphor for acquisition spiritual knowledge.

According to dream interpretation, the dream symbol shows that the dreamer is striving to gain access to a faith or to sacred knowledge. In the dream he can reassure himself that he is on the right spiritual path.

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