Radishes – dream interpretation

Radishes – small red tubers that pack a punch. What is typical is their spicy taste, which makes them so popular as a snack between meals, as a side dish to salad or with a snack. Please note: the fresher the radishes are, the more intense their spiciness.

They consist of 95 percent water, but are still considered real vitamin bombs. In addition to sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron, the small nodules contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and E. Radishes also have a positive effect against bacteria. The mustard oil they contain gives them their spiciness and has an antibacterial and even slightly antibiotic effect, especially in the gastrointestinal tract.

Radishes are certainly a matter of taste – after all, not everyone can like everything about food. However, our palate preference can influence what happens in our dream world at night. If we dream of radishes, we may really like spicy things in reality…

Dream symbol “radishes” – the general interpretation

From the point of view of general dream interpretation, the dream image “radishes” represents one hot affair. However, this is still developing. It is probably not really clear to the dreamer at the moment what direction a particular encounter could take. However, the appeal is already clearly noticeable and the dream of the radish wants to show him this emphatically.

In addition, the sight of radishes in the dream world can also be a warning symbolism own. Secrets that you have confided to a friend in good faith will most likely not be kept by them.

So in the near future, be particularly careful about who you share explosive things with that are not actually intended for a third party. Seeing radishes in a dream also invites the dreamer to take advantage of every opportunity Amusements to use. A little drink with friends, a spontaneous outing with your loved one or a picnic in the countryside – do what you enjoy and seize the opportunity whenever you have the opportunity.

If you eat radishes in the dream situation, you will soon have to be annoyed by derogatory and hateful comments from others.

Dream symbol “radishes” – the psychological interpretation

If you interpret the radish as a dream image from a psychological point of view, it symbolizes the dreaming person’s wish for you erotic adventures.

Especially if you can clearly feel the spiciness of the radish in your dream, this can mean that sexual needs and the desire to live them play a central role in the life of the person concerned. However, these are not openly lived passions, but rather repressed desires.

If you feed another person radishes during your dream, you may have very special feelings for that person, which can also be associated with eroticism and sexual attraction.

Dream symbol “radishes” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream image “radishes” represents mother Earth and reminds the dreamer that great things always arise in small ways.

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