Radio – dream interpretation

For many people, the radio is a must in everyday life. Whether in your own home, at work or in the car, the radio always provides you with important and unimportant information and you can choose from the wide selection of radio stations what kind of music you would like to listen to. Radio often just plays casually. And yet there is this voice in the background that is familiar to us and that, even if we sometimes no longer consciously notice it, still gives us the feeling that someone is talking to us and that we are not alone.

Nowadays, fewer people than before have the radio in the form of a single device in their living room. Thanks to the digital age, listening to the radio can now go wherever we want – worldwide. Internet radio can be accessed via many devices, for example a smartphone, tablet or smart TV. The radio can also penetrate into our dream world as a dream symbol and give us some interesting insights about ourselves.

Dream symbol “radio” – the general interpretation

In the general interpretation, the dream image “radio” stands for communication and information. For the dreamer, this can mean that in the near future it will be particularly important to take care of yourself Exchange and To know to strive.

If you listen to the voice on the radio in the dream world, you will receive important information from outside in the near future. The dreaming person may also be the presenter, reporter or speaker that you are listening to on the radio. This can mean that you yourself are a source of information for others and that you find it very difficult to keep news – even of a private nature – to yourself.

If you, as a journalist, write articles for the radio or radio, this may lead to the desire to pass on information information show. If you buy a radio, things will soon be turbulent for the person concerned. There may be various trips or activities coming up that you should definitely prepare for. You won’t get bored here any time soon.

Hearing voices on the radio but not understanding what they are telling us can be an indication Secret which we will hear about shortly. Music, such as marching music, and beautiful sounds coming from the radio indicate a joyful enjoyment that the dreamer still keeps to himself and in secret.

If discordant tones or strange music are heard on the radio, this could mean that you are one Danger which is only recognizable as such at second glance.

Dream symbol “radio” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, the dream symbol “radio” also has to do with communication. Sometimes the dream image appears in which we hear noises from it, but cannot understand a word of what is being said or played there. This can be an indication that, even in the real world, you often feel like you are not understood or ignored by others.

Listening to a conversation on the radio is symbolic of that dialogue to understand the dreamer with his inner self. You may be a person who questions and analyzes a lot of things. Someone who always wants to find an explanation for everything and who is always looking for answers in life.

But perhaps the exact opposite is the case, because up until now you haven’t wanted to deal with this inner voice. Now see this dream as request Your subconscious to deal more with your emotional world. Find moments of silence to create a space that allows you to consciously perceive the voice within you.

Listening attentively to the radio in a dream can also be an expression of a permanent Overstimulation be. Here, too, the dreamer can look for parallels to his real life and ask himself where he uses every possible form of distraction in order not to have to worry about himself and what is going on in him.

Dream symbol “radio” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the radio is a symbol for the Communication on a spiritual level.

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