Rabbit – dream interpretation

There are different genera among rabbits. They all belong to the rabbit family, but differ from them in several characteristics. Rabbits have shorter ears and legs than hares and are slightly smaller and stockier. In addition, hares are solitary animals, while rabbits live in groups. The community helps them to warn each other of enemies and to create and, if necessary, improve their extensive tunnel systems. Conspecifics are also important for fur care.

Rabbits play a role in our culture as food and as a symbol of fertility. It is said disparagingly about families with large children that “they multiply like rabbits”. If someone remains passive despite impending danger, they behave like a rabbit in front of a snake. Pulling a rabbit out of a hat creates a surprise. And some people feel like a guinea pig.

If someone dreams of a rabbit, they will certainly find the animal cute. You often see such an animal sitting in a rabbit hutch. In most cases, the dreamer would probably like to touch and stroke the soft, cuddly animal. However, some people find the touch of fur unpleasant or even disgusted by it. The color of the animals is just as important for dream interpretation as the details of the dream events.

Dream symbol “rabbit” – the general interpretation

As a dream symbol, the rabbit stands for in dream interpretation Luck and fertility. The time is good to implement ideas and projects. But the pack animal in the dream is also an invitation to the dreamer to share the joy of life with others.

In addition, the dream symbol “rabbit” also stands for in dream interpretation gentleness and innocence, qualities that can sometimes be detrimental. Maybe the dreamer sometimes has the impression that his good-natured nature is being exploited. The dream of the rabbit encourages him to give up the role of victim and stand up for his interests.

As a dream symbol, a white rabbit promises luck, while a black one promises failure or sadness. In popular dream interpretation, the details in dreams play an important role. If you dream of seeing a rabbit, you should be careful of false friends. If several white rabbits hop through the dream, they may quit offspring but definitely pleasant events. In dream interpretation, the sight of a black rabbit is said to indicate a death in the near future.

If you dream of breeding rabbits, the dream symbol predicts that you will live to old age. In dream interpretation, catching a rabbit heralds an acquaintance with a much younger person.

Killing the animal in the dream is a symbol of Loss and Fraud or for the dreamer’s willingness to sacrifice his ideals and beliefs for the sake of another person. If the dream symbol “rabbit” is eaten, in European dream interpretation it means well-being, while in Islamic dream interpretation it expresses insincerity among friends.

Dream symbol “rabbit” – the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “rabbit” is a symbol of dream interpretation from a psychological point of view sexual activity and erotic needs. Perhaps the dreamer has an extravagant love life and his subconscious tells him in the dream that he should slow down a little and control his urges more closely.

If you dream that the rabbit is scratching or biting, this indicates problems in the dream interpretation personal relationships there. The dreamer should pay a little more attention to people close to him.

The typical tolerance and defenselessness of the dream symbol “rabbit” can also be a reference in dream interpretation uncertainty to be the dreamer. Perhaps he is basically trying to avoid conflict. However, there are areas in which a discussion is important and necessary. In the dream, the subconscious makes the dreamer aware of this.

In dream interpretation, killing a rabbit in a dream is a warning that the dreamer psychological processes suppressed or repressed. The dream symbol signals that you should no longer deny or distort your own personality and take the messages from your subconscious seriously.

Dream symbol “rabbit” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, the dream symbol “rabbit” in dream interpretation represents an ally who supports the dreamer speed and Intuition on a good path and thus closer to his spiritual goals.

In addition, the rabbit in the dream is also a symbol of fertility and a symbol of the renovation of life.

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