Quark – dream interpretation

Quark is an extremely popular food in Germany. Many regions have given it their own name: Weißkäse, Schmeerkäs, Matz, Schotten, Glumse, Luckeleskäs and Klatschkäse are just a few examples. In Austria it has gained some fame as the basis for the Topfenpantschinken, which is popular far beyond the country’s borders.

Regardless of whether it is prepared sweet or savory, quark is healthy. It is an excellent source of protein and also supplies the body with important minerals and vitamins.

As a natural product, quark stands for purity, originality and nutritional awareness and thus combines tradition and modern demands on a food. Due to its supple, soft texture, it is not really tangible, but it adapts to any shape. When you hold it in your hands, it reminds you of long-ago childhood days when you could create entire worlds out of mud.

Anyone who dreams of something edible should ask themselves whether they are perhaps lacking spiritual nourishment. It is also crucial for dream interpretation whether you eat quark in the dream, make it or simply see it.

Dream symbol “quark” – the general interpretation

Quark is a food, so it provides us with energy. As a dream symbol, it represents in dream interpretation spiritual or spiritual nourishment. But it can also simply be about physical nutrition.

In dream interpretation, seeing quark is a sign that the dreamer is displeasure someone else could incur. He should therefore be careful about what he says to whom and not speak too openly. If the dream symbol “quark” is prepared by the dreamer himself, it means that he should not take himself so seriously.

In dream interpretation, eating food is a symbol of satisfying mental or emotional hunger. The dream symbol “quark” can be an indication that certain needs come up short in the life of the dreamer. With the consumption of quark, this lack of food for the mind and soul becomes apparent. Anyone who eats curd in a dream will turn the situation into something else Advantages pull, which was actually annoying for him.

If the quark is eaten with reluctance in the dream, this expresses itself antipathy against certain people or situations. The dream symbol tells the dreamer that he should not take part in social activities out of politeness, but only on his own initiative.

As a dream image, quark or curd dumplings can bring with them a good financial supply.

Dream symbol “quark” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “quark” as a food is a symbol of what you have to “swallow” in everyday life: Pressure to perform, Hostilities or injustices. That’s why it’s important to observe the feelings with which the dream symbol appears.

The more intense and negative the emotion, for example disgust, the more stressful your own life circumstances may be. On the other hand, as a milk product, quark is one of the foods that satisfy children’s basic needs and can therefore be a very positive dream image.

If quark is eaten in the company of others, this is an indication in the dream interpretation that the dreamer has pronounced social skills and receives appropriate social recognition.

Eating quark in a dream is also a symbol of the satisfaction our psychological and emotional needs.

Dream symbol “quark” – the spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol Quark stands for spiritual and emotional nourishment on a spiritual level. The dreamer feeds himself Energyto reactivate his spiritual powers. The purity The natural product quark helps him in his dream to strengthen his spirit.

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