Prayer – dream interpretation

Belief in a higher power has always been of particular importance in human life. With a prayer we try to get in touch with this higher power and usually hope for its support or help with a matter. This can be Allah in Islam or God in Christianity, Jehovah in Judaism, Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu and Saraswati in Hinduism or a Buddha statue in Buddhism. The Egyptians used to pray to their own Egyptian gods and the Romans also worshiped their own deities, such as Jupiter.

But what does it mean when a prayer appears in our dream world? What possible interpretations are there for the dream symbol “prayer”?

Dream symbol “prayer” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation often sees the dream symbol “prayer” in connection with one naive attitude of the dreamer. The dreamer has surrendered to his fate and hopes for help from those around him in many matters. With the dream symbol, the dreamer is now informed that he should take his life into his own hands. His humble waiting attitude when praying in a dream can sometimes be an advantage, but he should definitely also take action himself.

In some cases, the dream symbol “prayer” can also show the dreamer that there are things going on in the waking world Wishes and hopes will soon be fulfilled. This promise is again seen closely in connection with the first interpretation. Because some wishes can only be realized through your own active actions. Not everything good comes from above.

According to general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “prayer” also asks the dreamer to reflect on themselves. Maybe there will be one in the waking world soon drastic decision for the dreamer. He should therefore be clear about what is best for him or what corresponds most to his wishes. If you pray a rosary in your sleep, you may face a difficult time of sorrow.

If the dreamer sees himself praying or having an inner conversation with God in the dream, perhaps also at a communion celebration, the dream symbol makes it clear to him that his future is blessed, but he is still assistance needed by his family or friends. The verdict, in which God’s blessing is prayed for the new house, often promises a new beginning.

According to general dream interpretation, a prayer in a dream in a church or a holy grotto, perhaps even in a mortuary, is a symbol of Feelings of guiltthat torment the dreamer in the waking world. If the dreamer says a prayer in the dream at home, possibly in front of a burning candle or an incense stick, this dream situation symbolizes that he will receive support from friendly people in a difficult matter.

If you want to request the mercy of a god in a dream using a magic rune, this can possibly indicate a desire for assistance. If it is a Hindu deity such as Vishnu, Brahma or Shiva that one worships in the dream, this circumstance can symbolically refer to an inner conflict. A basic one change is imminent, which causes uncertainty in dreaming.

Dream symbol “prayer” – the psychological interpretation

Similar to the waking world, the dream symbol “prayer” is interpreted on the psychological level as the dreamer’s attempt to get in touch with a higher power. He turns to them with full confidence.

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, this is usually what is hidden behind this higher power unconscious of the dreamer. With his prayer in the dream he tries to get in touch with it so that it can lead him out of a difficult or unpleasant situation. The dreamer is therefore fully aware that the solution to his problems in the waking world can be found within himself. The dream symbol “prayer” wants to make this clear to him once again.

Dream symbol “prayer” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “prayer” as confirmation of the existence of one higher power by the dreamer and his desire for support from them.

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