Poultry – dream interpretation

When many people hear the term “poultry,” the first thing that comes to mind is a flock of fluttering and cackling chickens, ducks, geese or even a pheasant. Most people will probably be neutral towards these animals or look at them with favor because of the tasty eggs. For some people, however, such a flock of poultry triggers feelings of fear or almost panic, as they immediately see the pointed beaks and claw-like feet. Flapping birds are also difficult to control and risk getting caught in hair.

You can find out what a dream about poultry can mean in the following article:

Dream symbol “poultry” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “poultry” is primarily a sign of impermanence and drive-controlled Enjoyment. In addition, the dreamer is shown that in the waking world he is too busy with everyday things and little things. These are important to him, but they are primarily just a distraction from the essential things in life. The dream symbol indicates to the dreamer that he is getting bogged down and should concentrate better on the really important things in his life.

In connection with the dream symbol “poultry” there are various dream situations that can be interpreted in different ways. According to general dream interpretation, the sight of live poultry in a dream can mean illness or disease in the waking world Problems, which, however, only last for a short time. But also boredom and monotony can await dreamers in the waking world. If a woman dreams of poultry, the dream symbol symbolizes either a short period of illness or arguments with close friends.

If a young woman sees herself chasing after live poultry in a dream, the general dream interpretation means that she will waste her valuable time in the waking world with extravagant erotic adventures.

The sight of cooked poultry in a dream is considered exaggerated Cravings interpreted by the dreamer. However, these will put a lot of strain on financial reserves. The dreamer should ask himself whether these expenses are really necessary.

Poultry clucking loudly in a dream is like one warning to understand the dreamer from the envy and resentment of other people.

Feeding poultry in a dream symbolizes to the dreamer that he will soon have wealth or a financial situation Profit can count. If the dreamer slaughters poultry in the dream, the dream symbol here indicates that he wants to protect himself from bad rumors about himself. This dream situation also makes it clear to him that he should stay away or separate from people who are annoying or too intrusive to him.

Dream symbol “poultry” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the dream symbol “poultry” as a sign of inner unrest and tension of the dreamer. These feelings can overstimulate the dreamer’s nervous system in the long term. He should ask himself where the triggers for this tension lie. Often there are feelings of fear, unresolved arguments, worries or too much constant stress.

Dream symbol “poultry” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual point of view, the dream symbol “poultry” can be to the dreamer innermost fears show.

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